The experience of Reality teaches that the wishful thinking of the phrases,  “I believe” , along with “I have faith in” or “in the hope”, indicates we don’t know,  that we are in expectation, but don’t really know what is true; we don’t know Reality.

We haven’t got there yet because we’re still seeking our own, human objectives instead of letting go of our egos to let Reality show where we fit into Its purpose.

This is not “religious” truth. This meaning is from far beyond religions or notions of spirituality, our heavens and hells, gods, goddesses, dreams, nightmares even “God”.

The phenomenon of humanity’s actual historical experience of Reality is now being studied by the religious and formerly religious of both sexes, by scholars and academicians, theologians and atheists all over the world, in monasteries, universities and wherever the experience of Reality strikes.

Our experience of Reality is changing. Our language to describe It will have to keep up, it will have to be real from now on.




“A profound shift is occurring in human consciousness.” 

What physics has discovered is that everything is energy and that this energy is everywhere – in space and in matter.

There is no such thing as empty space. It is filled with energy. They’ve discovered dark energy and dark matter (which isn’t in fact “dark” – it’s just invisible, we can’t see it.) The small percentage of “physical” matter that does exist in the universe is also just energy. So, bottom line – everything is energy.

All That Is/ Universal Intelligence/God – whatever name you want to call this – is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Omnipresent means present everywhere. There is NO place it isn’t. So whatever “Universal Intelligence” is – it is everywhere

Classical physics or Newtonian physics teaches that the universe is mechanistic and that everything is separate. This is the belief that we have based our lives upon for centuries – and this belief has limited our experiences and our possibilities. Quantum physics is revealing that classical physics isn’t explaining what we now know about “reality.” Among other things – there is an energy field from which everything emerges. The “seen” emerges from the “unseen.”

What physicists have discovered is this “field” of energy is a field of all possibilities – until an observer measures it or focuses on it. Then particles blink into light or something becomes “form.” (Let there be light.) So consciousness seems to be intrinsically connected with this field of all possibilities. We are literally creating (or co-creating) our own reality along with this energy.

“We are evolving into a more highly developed species, one with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness, and it is expanding our understanding of reality.” 

This energy seems to be “aware” – it responds to consciousness and is affected by the thoughts or energy of the observer. Physics now says there is no way to prove an objective reality because the observer always affects the outcome of the experiment.

Check out the research being done at Princeton University around the Random Number Generator. They are working to see how consciousness affects the results of experiments. Also check out the research being done around consciousness at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Everything is connected. We are all one. Nothing is separate from this field of energy. This is what mystics, spiritual masters, and indigenous people have taught for a long time.

Pam OsliePAMELA OSLIE, Auracolors.com.  Latest book, “Infinite You – A journey to your greater self and beyond” Google Books. “A profound shift is occurring in human consciousness. We are evolving into a more highly developed species, one with enhanced abilities and a greater level of awareness, and it is expanding our understanding of reality.”


Have you had the Mystical Experience of Spiritual Reality?  Here is one recent description:

“I was dancing in my living room and suddenly there was no body no room no corporeal existence and I was at one with everything and everyone. In this “place with no edges therefore there is no centre”, I could know it all and extend and shine endlessly. I was given some messages about life and the nature of the universe. It’s stayed with me for years and given me a greater sense of humour about this world and a beautiful memory of who and what we truly are… P. Brough, LinkedIn…  


From the perspective of Reality, you don’t need any human criteria to achieve the purpose of your life.

Those who have experienced Reality are no longer bound by faith, hope, or belief, morality or ethics, or any other second hand human notion of their individual purpose. To those who have experienced Reality these are all automatic “givens”, the personal fruits, attributes you are granted individually by knowing Reality.

Reality is enough, in my experience, though it seems to be a spontaneous event in human lives and comes unbidden and apparently even undeserved by human standards.

“The Cloud of Unknowing” suggests the only thing Seekers can do is to meditate, contemplate, pray and read … Christians are told to “wait and watch”. Others say you can be given the experience by teachers but I think the jury is still definitely out on that.

Maybe the physicists will eventually come up with an understanding of the phenomena from studies currently being made in universities around the world. Of all the scientists, academics and serious students of the phenomena of Reality, the physicists seem to be the nearest to a primary definition of Reality but even then they are only uncovering what Reality -experiencers and others have been reporting for thousands of years BC.

Bernadette Roberts says the unitive, egoless state is as far as one can progress in this life.*

In the meantime, as those who have experienced Reality might agree: All is Well.

“In general, our contemplative maps of the journey come to an end with the discovery of the true self and it’s oneness with the divine.” *Bernadette Roberts, ‘WHAT IS SELF? A Study of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness’, pub. Www.sentientpublications.com

*Bernadette Roberts, a former nun of 10 years seclusion, has been called one of the most significant contemplatives of our time.

After M.E.R.*, what?

As a matter of interest, three strong themes arose from my yearly experiences of MER*.

First of all I was given a vocation, in itself a life altering realization.  This vocation was to absorb the knowledge that the experience of Reality imbued in me.  I wonder if I had not been distracted by my religious background, would I have identified this vocation sooner?

The second was that I am only to discharge the minimal duties and responsibilities of being human, not to become distracted from the first vocation.

The third was to communicate to those who asked that only Reality, no religion, cult or creed, evangelisation or proselytization, can satisfy the constancy of the human need for realization.  Reality is beyond being human and is enough.

*MER – Mystical Experience of Reality



The  mystical experience of Reality, a phenomenon that has happened to certain people throughout history to this day, is far above religions, castes, creeds, heavens and hells, gods or “God”.

Reality is as yet unknown to most humans, at least for the time being, but the tradition is that there are no failures and everyone will eventually know Reality.

What is consistently reported by the Experiencers, is that Reality is benign and loving, though not in the sense of human love that is lustful, greedy, angry, attached and ego driven. Reality is caring, guiding, strengthening, guarding, non judgemental, totally itself, always the same, reliable; now, then and forever. It has its own agenda of which humanity is just a part.

It cannot be evangelized or proselytised. It permeates everything, including us. It has no name. It just is, and we are that.



Some thoughts out of the experience of mystical reality:

The human spirit is just about being human. But the human soul is something else. It is part of a Reality that is bigger than any name humans or their religions can give it, including names like God, Holy ghost, Shabd, Baraka or Consciousness, for instance. This Reality has been experienced by some humans throughout history. The phenomena is now being seriously accepted and studied by scholars, academicians and scientists around the world.

The human spirit is just about human culture, morality and ethics. But the experience of Reality is that there are bigger things afoot than mere humanity. Are humans and what they call the human spirit as important in the scheme of existence as humans think they are?


A follower of this website was brought up as a Catholic. She had her first sailing experience with colleagues and friends when they were caught by a strong squall that had water pouring over the decks. She said she had a moment of epiphany and put it down to God.

I thought her movingly numinous story reflected her intensive religious background whereas experienced secular sailors would put it down to the well known phenomena of “Storm Ecstacy”. So would scholars and scientists known as “Constructionists”.

“Constructionists” believe all such experiences, including MER(Mystical Experiences of Reality), can be attributed to cultural conditioning.

“Perennialists”  on the other hand take their view from Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) who was an English writer, philosopher. He coined the phrase in what became a seminal book on the subject called, “The Perennial Philosophy”, from which the following excerpt is taken:

“At the core of the Perennial Philosophy we find four fundamental doctrines:

First: the phenomenal world of matter and of individualized consciousness—the world of things and animals and men and even gods—is the manifestation of a Divine Ground within which all partial realities have their being, and apart from which they would be nonexistent.

Second: human beings are capable not merely of knowing about the Divine ground by inference; they can also realize its existence by a direct intuition, superior to discursive reasoning.  This immediate knowledge unites the knower with that which is known.

Third: man possesses a double nature, a phenomenal ego and an eternal self, which is the inner man, the spirit, the spark of divinity within the soul.  It is possible for a man, it he so desires, to identify himself with the Divine Ground, which is of the same or like nature with the spirit.

Fourth: Man’s life has only one end and purpose: to identify himself with his eternal Self and so to come to unitive knowledge of the Divine Ground.”

Dr. Persinger, a Sudbury University, Canada, professor, a cognitive neuroscience researcher with over 200 peer-reviewed publications has studied the experiences of the presence of God and claims to have developed a gadget you put on your head that can produce the presence of God at will.

He also suggests MER might be a psychotic state. A reading of the definition of psychotic makes it difficult to see where the good Professor gets this conclusion. Whatever, Dr Persinger can justify the title of “Constructionist”.

But other scholars and scientists have been aroused since the 60’s to study the historical phenomenon of the Mystical Experience of Reality, what Maslow called “Peak Experiences”, and other scholars and scientists by even more names. They take the subject as seriously as Huxley. They can be dubbed Perennialists.

My own MERs did not indicate God in any shape or form, which in those early days disappointed me because Jesus was my hero. I loved God with all my young heart and soul and strength.

My MERs were powerfully transcendent, out of body and mind experiences of joy, acceptance, humility. Everything belonged to me.

I was told that “All is Well”. I learned that in Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names…” (I save space here by just giving the gist).

I have since realized that Reality is enough. It came well before religions or any human constructs of God, singular or plural …

There was no God of any man-made description in the transformational experiences I was given, none whatsoever.

Keith Hancock. 2015.