Clearly the makers of this production have not experienced the Mystical Experience of Reality.

The film is not about Higher Consciousness. It is about the human spirit, not the higher spirit of MER. The Real Experience of the higher reality is completely outside human imagination, as mystics have attested. This video uses human criteria to “prove” higher consciousness, and as such is stuck at the lower, human level.

It’s as if a salesman at the time radio was discovered is introducing wireless programmng as if it’s the radio set that’s doing the programming.

MER is not about how Reality is Experienced. It is about what is Experienced.

This video offering is a distraction to Seekers because it suggests this higher consciousness it talks about can be achieved by human effort. It can’t. The real MER is spontaneous and comes to people without any human attributes that would qualify them for the phenomenon, as history shows and the sudden burst of interest in the worlds of modern scientific and scholarly research since the 60’s is beginning to reveal.

Clearly, there are far more important things in Existence than being merely human.



By Keith Hancock, mystic, contemplative and quietest.


Jesus did not leave any spiritual teachings.

If what Jesus is purported to have said about the Mystical Experience of Reality  is true, he had the Experience himself and was a true mystic. Where he went wrong is in trying to evangelize the phenomenon

It can’t be done. The MER is taught, not caught. The experience is spontaneous. It comes to humans who have no recognizable human attributes to qualify them for it.

So his reported promise to his future disciples that he would make them “fishers of men” was not fulfillable. However sincere, he was sincerely wrong.

Jesus’s hubris killed him, as it has others who have challenged human ideologies or religious dogmas of their day.

The only teachings Jesus left were moral, ethical teachings for the human spirit and they, by definition, are not spiritual. By trying to teach the unteachable, his mission failed. The evidence lies all around us.

But all is not lost. The mystic experience is that we are much loved, far beyond any human knowledge or experience of love. Human love is a mere shadow of the real thing.  The power of the real thing dissolves and redeems.

The human body and brain will be discarded when no longer necessary. We are accepted. We are in development, guarded, guided, and strengthened. There are no failures.

Finally, take a mystic’s words and test them in your profoundest self. A  mystic’s words are not enough, not the way. What a mystic knows was given to that mystic alone. So it will be with you and will be enough, will fulfil you, now and forever.




Much of the uses of the word “spiritual” are not about the real spirit that permeates all existence, human or otherwise. The use of “spiritual” is only about the human spirit; emotion, imagination, hope, faith and belief, morality, ethics and mythomanic theology. All this is mind-stuff, superficial, ephemeral and not spiritual in the fullest sense.

This common use of the word implies the Spirit of Reality exists solely for mankind when it is far beyond any human to even imagine.

Spirituality is not about being better humans, though being a better human is a by-product of the Real thing, and is automatic, axiomatic.

Real spirituality is far above these false gods, even” God”. Real spirituality lies in the Experience of the Reality in which all things, even humans,  live and have their being, as even some of the religions have repeated from their founders’ experience but without understanding.

True Seekers will steadfastly plough past the mind stuff of myth, dogma, falsification, magic and phenomena to the ever higher states to which true Seekers will always be drawn. All the rest, as scholars and even scientists are beginning to discover, is false.

Humans are being drawn to an understanding of the Reality mystics have already experienced.

In the meantime, the rest can pray (meditate and contemplate), read, and be patient. Writing is important too. It has been said that you cannot really know everything you’re capable of knowing until you write.

There are no failures.


Silence is the experience of nothingness while still being human. That’s what people who have had the Mystical Experience of Reality (M.E.R.) bring us from that experience. But in that Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names. Everything just is.

Gerard Benerink, Coordinator  Europe, Academy of Avaita, replied: “If silence is the experience of nothingness, then the experience cannot be brought to others by those who have experienced the nothingness, because the nothingness will not have any words (names) within it to describe nothingness.

“Silence is the experience that cannot be described. Only quietness can be experienced, which is misunderstood to be silence. The human has evolved to hear sound and not silence. The human will evolve to experience silence and also evolve to understand that silence or nothingness cannot be described.”

Keith replied: Yes Gerard, the silence of Reality can’t be passed on or sought out. Reality seems to choose who is ready for the Experience, using criteria we don’t appear to be wired to understand, yet.


​Human love is made up of lust, anger, greed, attachment, tolerance and ego. But the love found in Reality is Acceptance, Belonging.That is the experience of those who have had the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER).

This Acceptance and Belonging is all inclusive. It permeates everything that is; then, now and forever.

The experience of this Acceptance and Belonging can be said to be one of the most humbling aspects of the MER experience, the most awful, in that word’s fullest sense of all engulfing awe. Its powerful, unstoppable surge disintegrates ordinary human existence with a joy beyond human description. Nothing is left to be the same, ever. Not even the heart, soul, mind or strength. It is, and we are that.