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Clearly the makers of this production have not experienced the Mystical Experience of Reality. The film is not about Higher Consciousness. It is about the human spirit, not the higher spirit of MER. The Real Experience of the higher reality … Continue reading

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By Keith Hancock, mystic, contemplative and quietest.   Jesus did not leave any spiritual teachings. If what Jesus is purported to have said about the Mystical Experience of Reality  is true, he had the Experience himself and was a true … Continue reading

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Much of the uses of the word “spiritual” are not about the real spirit that permeates all existence, human or otherwise. The use of “spiritual” is only about the human spirit; emotion, imagination, hope, faith and belief, morality, ethics and … Continue reading

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Called They call my name And I replies, though I am never there . . . I am with the Caller Who did not know my name, But called me and was kind . . . They call my name … Continue reading

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Silence is the experience of nothingness while still being human. That’s what people who have had the Mystical Experience of Reality (M.E.R.) bring us from that experience. But in that Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names. … Continue reading

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​Human love is made up of lust, anger, greed, attachment, tolerance and ego. But the love found in Reality is Acceptance, Belonging.That is the experience of those who have had the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER). This Acceptance and Belonging … Continue reading

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