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THE HUMAN SPIRIT VERSUS REALITY by Keith Hancock, mystic, contemplative and quietist.

There is the human spirit which is concerned with humans only. That is the spirit that is served by religions, that is concerned with the “betterment” of the human individual and the human race. It is predominantly concerned with human … Continue reading

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Wisdom is a word for those mired in their humaness. It’s a distraction to the true spiritual seeker, of little consequence.

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“I am a past life regression facilitator. It is my observation and experience that each lifetime has a different personality that does not carry over from lifetime to lifetime. For example, I may be angry in one and passive in … Continue reading

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THE VOID by Dr. Peter Steiner

‘The Void is the mysterious source of all there is, and I am part of the Source.’ Everything comes from the Nothing and I am part of the Everything, along with the Nothing. In the dichotomy of extremes the very … Continue reading

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