“What do you bring to the table?”


“So what does that make you?”

“I am.”

“You think you’re God?”

“God? What’s that?”

“That big?!”

“Are you one of those mystics?”

“That sounds like an archaic human word …”

“It’s a name for a kind of human”.

“Name? That’s another unused human word. Where I come from there are no names, everything is perfect. Everything is known, everything is understood. All is well.”

“What? How’s that?”

“It’s what humans are becoming …”.

KH. La  Penita. 2015.



CONSCIOUSNESS, by Keith Hancock.

There is human consciousness and there is the vast  consciousness outside human experience that according to those who have experienced it makes human consciousness only a small part of a real consciousness completely outside common human experience.

Scientists, in their attempts to construct a verifiable platform of experiments to understand human consciousness – why are humans conscious and how – are coming across persistent historical but unverifiable evidence of the existence of a human experience of a far greater consciousness than the one that only defines mere human experience*  (The one I call the Mystical Experience of Reality, MER, and which some scientists have referred to as the “magical” * experience).

This MER phenomenon has happened spontaneously to individuals who had no known human attributes that qualified them. Why them? Nobody knows.

Scientists are finding this experiment versus experience challenging, an apparent dead end to all further human enquiry.

So, what is happening?

Perhaps human consciousness is in a process of evolutionary development that some mystical schools claim is leading to the dissolution of the human race into a pure spirituality that is merging with the vastness of a yet unknown consciousness so far only experienced by mystics?



Share Your Experiences: Lawrence

  • Name: mrsportpsych
  • Email:
  • How many Experiences did you have?: Numerous – many dozen
  • How old were you when they happened?: 27
  • What happened?: I meditated, and wrote (transcribed) Poetry
  • Did you see colours and/or hear voices?: No
  • How did the Experiences affect your life?: It explained reality. And reinforced my meditating.