The concept of “The Devil” was a construct of a religious not spiritual mind. There is no Devil.

Some religions used it in olden times to frighten the spiritually inexperienced into obeying their view of human consciousness.

Even this did not help in the long run as religions themselves are a false construct. They are not spiritual. They do not represent Spiritual Reality, nor do they acknowledge the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER) – in any of MER’s names throughout history. They can’t, so all they offer humans is morality and ethics.

Yet the religions cannot command morality and ethics either, as science is proving. We’re already born with morality and ethics. Under scientific study babies are showing a grasp of morality and ethics before they can walk or talk.

In any case, morality and ethics do not deliver MER, (The Spiritual Experience of Reality) – that consciousness of their existence for which so many humans so spontaneously, throughout history, “hunger and thirst”.

“If you look at the short-term effects of religion, they’re great. They make stable societies — except when they go crazy, which is frequent — and they do social services.” ~ Marvin Lee Minsky

As history unfolds the irrelevance of religions becomes more apparent.  Religions’ need for something to maintain faith, hope and belief in lieu of real spiritual experience raises the need for maintaining a vigorous defence of religions’growing insignificance. And so, wherever humans are gathered in the name of religion – there in the midst is the Devil.

As any evidence sufficient to satisfy rational people of a Devil’s existence withers, nowadays the Devil is demoted to being called things like, “The Negative Principle”. This is still not real.

“The Negative Principle” and all such bogeymen are only from the mind, which exists only on a human not spiritual level. (MER reveals that the mind delivers all human devilry).

In fact, in the Mystical Experience of Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names, everything just is, and we are That.

Humans are the Devil.

KH. 2016.

Marvin Lee Minsky was an eminent American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. He died on January 24, 2016.



By: Eva Flores

According to science, electricity is composed of electrons and protons, electrons have a negative electric charge and protons are positively charged.

We also know that protons are found in the nucleus of the atom, and electrons flow around the core, like a planetary system as it were.

The entire universe has protons and electrons; therefore we are part of this universe.

God gives us freewill, based on this, the universe, and we have electrons and protons, so God is proton and he is the atom, depicted as heart inside us, Devil is electron floating around.

We are the devil when we allow the negative energy to encroach on us in difficult moments, and we are God when we allow positive energy to encroach on us, so I think we are God and devil, they are inside us.

We feed God with good actions, humility, humanism, honesty and help others who need help to be better. We feed the devil with bad actions and our egos, that are the seven capital sins, gluttony, drunkenness, avarice, lust, conceit, anger, sadness, laziness, pride, etc.

We can feed ourselves with what we choose, but really I think the positive is more difficult but more satisfying.Eva Flores

Eva Flores, teacher, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico.

De acuerdo con la ciencia, la electricidad está compuesta por electrones y protones, los electrones tienen carga negativa y los protones carga positiva.

También sabemos que los protones se encuentran en el núcleo del átomo, y los electrones flotan alrededor del núcleo, como si este fuera un sistema planetario. El universo entero tiene protones y electrones; por lo tanto nosotros somos parte del universo, como todo lo que existe en él y tiene energía.

Dios nos dio libre albedrío, basado en esto, el universo y nosotros tenemos electrones y protones, entonces Dios es protón y él es el átomo representado como corazón dentro de nosotros, el diablo es electrón flotando alrededor de él, están dentro de nosotros.

Somos el diablo cuando permitimos que nos invadan energías negativas en momentos difíciles, y somos Dios cuando permitimos que nos invada energía positiva, entonces creo que somos Dios y diablo.

Alimentamos a Dios con buenas acciones, humildad, humanismo, honestidad y ayudando a otros que necesitan ayuda para ser mejor.

Alimentamos al diablo con malas acciones y nuestros egos, como son los siete pecados capitales; la gula, la embriaguez, la avaricia, la lujuria, la vanidad, la ira, la tristeza, la pereza, el orgullo, etc.

Podemos alimentarnos con lo que elegimos, pero realmente creo que lo positivo es más difícil, pero más satisfactorio.

Eva Flores, maestra, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico.




by Douglas Lockhart

Have just read your piece on the “Abyss.”

Scientists working from the perspective of science simply cannot do other than what they’ve been trained to do.

If you haven’t experienced said Abyss then you have no way of appreciating what a mystic might say about it – ‘darkness that is actually light? Absorbing benign joy and fulfilment laced with awe and wonder?

Scientists have a problem with this because, as you rightly point out, they’re working from the perspective of the human mind/brain nexus fixated on mind /brain interactions.

But there are scientists experienced in meditation who make the attempt to articulate something of this greater perspective back to their own kind, a perspective succinctly captured by the physicist Paul Davies when he says that we have to embrace “a different concept of understanding” in relation to what we know about the nature of reality. And he goes further. “Is there”, he asks “a route to ‘ultimate knowledge’ outside of rational inquiry?”

This would be an alarming notion but for the fact that Einstein, Wigner, Pauli, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Eddington and Jeans were all of similar mind. The emphasis on ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ stands firm, it just the perspective that has to change.

This is where ‘responsibility’ comes in, not in the sense of being some kind of guru to the masses (like yourself I have no interest in such matters) but in the very ordinary sense of being a good communicator.

It’s all about communication, and as a trained and practiced communicator you have had your finger on that button since before we met.

It isn’t then a matter of convincing anyone of anything; it’s a matter of alerting other receptive minds to something they may already suspect but have no proper levels of information about – which, again, is what you’re doing with your blog.

Some individuals have spontaneous experiences, others a gradual entrance to such experiences through meditative/contemplative processes. I’ve had both.

Others sense something but don’t know what it is. Others are no more than intellectually intrigued by the philosophical questions such experiences evoke.

“The physicist Paul Davies says that we have to embrace “a different concept of understanding” in relation to what we know about the nature of reality. And he goes further.  “Is there”, he asks “a route to ‘ultimate knowledge’ outside of rational inquiry?”

It takes all kinds, and it requires patience to speak of such things. This isn’t giving in to science; it’s just being polite in face of the difficulties involved.

Scientists in my experience mostly respond to politeness. They are after all human beings on their time off from being professionals. As a result mystics will not be seen as a threat but as respectors of substantial thinking whatever its form, and wherever it may arise.

Consequently, both scientists and mystics, should, and many are, taking a closer look at the language they employ.

Douglas Lockhart writes extensively on the dilemmas facing modern Christians, and on the philosophical dilemmas Christians and nonChristrian face in their daily lives. He is the author of Jesus the Heretic (1997) and The Dark Side of God (1999), two books dealing with the historical origins and development of Christianity, and has just completed a three volume work titled The Perennial Philosophy Revisited in memory of Aldous Huxley’s paradigm-changing contribution.

His work has been described by leading academics as ‘thoroughly rational in its approach’, his writing style likened to that of a ‘detective story that is hard to put down’. He is an Associate Member of the Westar Institute (USA), and an Honorary Research Associate with the University of Tasmania’s School of Philosophy in Australia.



*Re-posted with added material and editing.

Humans are not equal. The accepted concept of human equality is a threat to humanity that needs to be challenged.

A realization that comes to those who have the mystic experience of Realty (MER) is the importance of the individual over and above the collective.

The Experience is spontaneous. It is caught, not taught. It comes to humans who have no discernible qualifying qualities known to humanity. It does not come to nations, or any form of community or forced human fashions of history.

It teaches that the human meme that declares all people equal is not only false but, if continually declared as true, is a fundamental evil, a denial of Reality itself. Reality only recognizes individuals.

If we insist on this unsupported assertion of equality, we repeat mankind’s history of denying the right of the individual to exist without conforming to the political, religious and social dogmas, prejudices, communal malices and insanities that lead to continual wars, torture, murder, criminality, and dysfunctional family and national abuse.

You only have to look around you to see the evidence. DNA shows no one is equal.  Not all growth in a forest, sea, or desert is the same, not even in well tended areas. And nor are human beings

“Einstein, Gandhi, a miscarried foetus and I will never understand one another, for we were born and have died or will die for different purposes. Our uniqueness is the purpose, and the Universe made sure of that by mixing up slightly different combinations of base pairs on our DNA strands. The less than 0.1 per cent difference in the DNA of Einstein, Gandhi, the miscarried foetus and I made us all different with differing paths, goals, and purposes in life. The 99.9 per cent of DNA that is the same in the four of us makes us human. The 1.0 per cent of DNA that is uniquely human differentiates us from our evolutionary cousins, the chimpanzees. Yes, 99 per cent of our DNA is common between humans and other primates.

Our essential purpose is both the same and unique. This is the dilemma and dichotomy that drives humans to madness and visions of clarity. Our individual purpose is different.” ~ Dr. Peter Steiner, from THE VOID

Humans are not born equal, do not exhibit equal DNA, talents, attributes, ambitions, grit, or capabilities. The diversities are too many to list outside what would have to be several banks of electronic data.

Insisting otherwise leads us further into the deadening embraces of tribalism, communism, socialism, liberalism, conservatism, totalitarism and all the other isms that have historically plagued human fulfillment.

Humans need personal space, freedom at its profoundest levels, to be what Reality has made them, to think as they please, with equality of opportunity, without coercion and harassment by the cookie cutter deceit of “equality”.

It is “freedom of opportunity” that will prepare the human race for the evolution into the Reality that mystics already experience, not “equality”.  “Freedom of Opportunity” is a “divine” demand, not just a good idea.

Equality is bunk.

“Like Jesus, the Gnostic Christians believed that each person carried a different set of needs, different levels of comprehension, and different qualities of maturity …” – Going Beyond the Jesus Story by Douglas Lockhart.



On Mar 7, 2016 3:42 PM, a Follower on this web site asked by email:

I am reading some of your MER ruminations and am having trouble coming to terms with the meaning of Reality as you reference it and its import.

This is what I told him:

Apparently you can only “catch” Reality by experiencing it.  That’s where scientists are coming to the edge of “the Abyss” and realising that mystics are the other side of that abyss and only mystics who have experienced Reality can even begin to understand Reality, which is why there is such an abyss between, on the one hand, scientific experiment with logic, reason, language, mind and brain, and on the other, the mystics and their experience of Reality.

No one knows why some people experience Reality and others don’t. Mystics have no apparent qualifications to receive it, no human standards and nothing much in common with each other personally, nationally, socially or even historically

Reality is not a human attribute. Reality is outside human experience. It exists whether we do or not; it is everything and we are only a part of it. The generality of humans are not wired to understand Reality, yet. Those who do are said by scientists (Sinetar, Burke, Martin etc) to be further evolved, perhaps a different species.The ancient wisdom schools say the whole human race is evolving into pure spirit, ie. Reality. Body, brain and mind will be discarded like appendixes …

So far as Seekers are concerned, they are probably those folk described in the Christian bible as “thirsting after righteousness”, ie. Reality. There again though, no one knows why they get this thirst and others don’t.

It’s as if humans are being harvested, or developed, certainly nurtered.

Keith. Mystic