THE GNOSTIC EXPERIENCE – are humans relevant?


Some Sufis would tell us the only spiritual life worth talking about is the experiential kind, not the religious. Why we are here is based on inner experience, gnosis, not the expectations of our country of origin, tradition, culture, teachings or habits.

Gnosis is connection to Reality, a much more proper name for God. Those who have experienced it are marked by a reluctance to talk about it. What we know of it suggests it is spontaneous, though some religious teachers claim they can induce it in their pupils by special disciplines. Jesus said his message was only for those already prepared by his God, perhaps a reference to the experience of gnosis. Bible references suggest it can’t be earned or deserved.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the experience happens to those aged approximately between 20 and 30. Each experience brings with it a sense of departure from the body. While it lasts, the feeling is of being infused as if anaesthetised with a profound sense of joy. Everything that exists or has ever existed belongs intensely to the one having the experience. There is no absence of time, just no such thing as time.

It is as if the subject is being observed with benign indifference, as if their existence is unremarkable, as if they are an essential part of a reality in which they exist forever.

The experiences are benign, they come with an undetectable gentleness as if from an infinite, unassailable strength. There is a sense that the even greater Reality is waiting nearby. Afterwards, some subjects conclude they are given as much of the experience as they can bear. As the experience begins to leave the loss is fought against with agitation and sadness, a panicking, agitated sense of extinction.

The experiences do not lead the subject to want to be a better human being. They can make the subject impatient with being human at all. Being a “better”, a “good”, human being, become givens, “fruits of the spirit”. After such experiences such attributes seem axiomatic, automatic, needing no effort to achieve such personal attributes.

There is no such thing as an Islamist, Christian, Buddhist, Hindhu or Jewish gnosis. Any attempt to entangle the pure mystical experience of Reality (MER) with the doctrines, ideologies and cultural mythomania and attachments of humans and their religions is an oxymoron.

Real, unadulterated  gnosis is not anthropomorphic, human centred. It makes a clear distinction between the human spirit and what humans call the Holy Spirit, that which is of man, (matter, morality and ethics), and that which is Real, pure, the soul. The soul is a part of what those who have the gnostic experience then know as their true identity, an identity which is part of a whole to which they will eventually return permanently.

The sense is that the soul is merely placed in the human mind and body in order to experience matter and when that is satisfactorily accomplished, when the soul is purified through such distillation, refining, then the body is discarded and the mind is shelved as no longer required. Only souls are eternal, not humans.

Keith Hancock . Nanaimo mid 1995, added to in 2016.





Q. Are you qualified to write about what you call The Mystical Experience of Reality?

A. I have no idea. I think about “Why me?” a lot.

The tradition is that there are no known human qualifications to have the experiences; not intelligence; education; culture; ethnicity, time in history; religious upbringing; age; morality and ethics; social; religious; or spiritual status.

The phenomena happened to me several times a year from the age of about 15 to 35. The major aspects of the experiences were being taken out of myself; a profound, all consuming and barely bearable joy; a total sense of being accepted, of having a permanent place in existence from the beginning to the end of existence (the alpha to the omega?); of being fully loved in a sense beyond human experience; having complete understanding, of everything as distinct from knowing; the ultimate assurance that All Is Well; a consuming personal humbleness and gratitude beyond my ability to describe in its validating fullness and renewal; an agony of loss as each of the all too brief experiences came to an end despite my best efforts to hold on to them as my true destiny.

I feel I am now much more than the mere experience of being human. I am growingly indifferent to my human condition.

So I can say, I am a mystic. My knowledge is from the Mystical Experience of Reality, (MER). All other context comes from human experience: books, TV, serious newspapers, magazines and scholarly papers, travel, talking, listening to people with intelligence and experience. I think, meditate, and listen to the (telepathic?) promptings which I presume all humans do, can do, or will do eventually.

I can also say I am not a master, not even a teacher. The real spiritual phenomena is far too subtle to teach, which would be very frustrating to any unfortunate pupils I would attract, and would test my pathetic patience to its unholy limits. Anyway, MER is caught, not taught.

I am also, however, a contemplative and a quietist which apparently is a ‘no-no’ in religious circles because quietists are called not to be engaged in distracting and largely inconsequential human affairs.

Whether all this makes me of a different species, (Dr. Marsha Sinetar) or whether it qualifies me for writing about MER I will leave to you to ponder.

Q. Why are you writing a blog on MER, what is the purpose?

A. This is two questions, and I don’t  have a sure answer for either.

Writers who are serious about the phenomena have brought the idea of “Messengers” to me, but if I am one of them the job description must still be on its way …

Others have urged me that getting the message out, communicating, is important.

But there is more in heaven earth than being merely human. Human destiny certainly hasn’t been left to humans.

The general public are sleepwalkers when it comes to real spiritual matters, not yet conscious – according to some masters who warn against disturbing that condition. Whatever, humans can’t evangelise MER.

Encouragingly however,  there are people out there who are “called” whether they recognise it or not. They will get there. There are no failures.

I only came out in public and to my friends with this Blog about eleven months ago, (April 2015).  It’s the only blog on the Internet given exclusively to MER by a mystic so far as I can tell.

I have never spoken about my experiences to anyone for 64 years so I dithered about doing it. Finally I felt prompted to give in, and lo and behold, it’s not too bad, not as rabble rousing as I feared it might be, quite ‘enlightening’ in fact!

I’m glad I’m doing it. It’s engaging me and others on levels I never foresaw, though nothing has changed dramatically in the rest of the world that I’m aware of yet. Over 1,000 people have visited the site already, 500 of them more than once. It has Followers. But I could have happily taken my secret to the grave.

I just hope the Blog is of relevance to Seekers, (those who are prompted to real spiritual experiences), or those who have already experienced MER and need reassurance, validation; as well as to those scholars and scientists now taking the phenomena seriously. If you’ve got this far in reading all this maybe you’re one or all of them?

KH: March 29 2016.









The test of whether someone has experienced the true Mystical Experience of Reality, (MER), does not include checking their merely human “fruits”.

“Fruits” are usually taken to mean “good works”, being “legal, decent and honest”, “moral” and “ethical” expressing the “10 Commandments” in your life and suchlike.

But these “fruits” are of the human spirit, not the real spirit of total Reality in all its aspects.

These “fruits” of the human spirit are merely human, temporal, as the religions would say – not of the Real Spirit as experienced in MER.

They are just human stuff because MER is not interested in humans as such. There is much more afoot in existence than being merely human. Anything merely human is a digression from the real thing, just human devilry.

So beware religions being self destructively anthropomorphic, because MER is not soley concerned with humans, cannot  be evangelised or replicated, even with drugs inducements.

Yet some scientists are researching to see if drugs can in fact replicate the “fruits”. They claim MER can be triggered by a psychotropic drug that already exists in mammals, including humans. Permanent psychological effects have been noted in some test subjects.

Drugs do not give the lifetime development that MER individuals experience.

Bizarre experiences in these drug tests suggest strange, indeterminate beings, animals, aliens, changing environments, sexual experiences, phenomena, unfriendliness, and feelings of self aggrandisement. These are nothing to do with MER.

The ancients and modern teachers in the spiritual schools warn against such effects even in meditation. They teach how to ignore such unreal distractions from the pure, patient collected waiting involved in meditation practiced by sincerely caught Seekers.

No wonder buddhists ejected one renowned western university doctor, a buddhist member himself, for using drugs to attempt the replication of “spiritual” experiences.

However, this particular researcher does at least acknowledge no obvious correlation of his drug induced experiences with the much more refined and purposely focused, effective and spontaneous experiences of MER.

MER is a lasting effect, exteriorly, not interiorally directed. We are taken out, not in. MER is caught, not taught – or injected.

Is this why the natural drugs inside us aren’t triggered into life in everyone? Why aren’t they? And what would trigger such drugs in just some of us anyway?

One scientist even says MER can be roused by the affectiveness of the Hebrew bible. Those who have experienced MER dismiss this kind of “fruit” as typically emotional “mind stuff”, human spirit not the Real Spirit. Being moved, excited, exhuberant, physically shaken or made to cry is no indication of experiencing the fruits of MER.

So how do you observe the absence or presence of the real fruits of MER? You don’t.

Only those who have experienced MER can test the authenticity of the experience in others.

They can sort “the sheep from the goats”.

To me this secret seems obvious, out in the open, but apparently it is closely guarded by Reality against human meddling.

Is this Reality’s way of keeping MER out of the hands of the unprepared, the mythomanically religious, the merely curious, the emotionally fragile – even the sincerely scientific?

KH. 2016.