Then choose Dr. Roger Walsh.

WARNING: Those without experience of a mind under enough disciplined control to unburden themselves of themselves will not discern the spiritual fruit hanging in full view in these two seminal interviews.

Roger Walsh MD., PhD is an Australian professor of Psychiatry, Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine, in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, within UCI’s College of Medicine. 2019.


    1. My impression of Deepak Chopra is that he’s not had the MER experience but has correlated it with Hindhu tradition to the point of as complete an empathy with the notion of MER that mere human learning on its own can take anyone without that MER experience. How much his scientific/medical background informs his conclusions is not something on which I can speculate. But I regret he allows the limited extent of his experience on the subject to conclude its all about making humans better humans. It’s not, if my MER experiences are anything to go by …

      All the best, Keith.

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  1. I can’t help but say the interview, as is perhaps inevitable in a subject where we know so little, is wishy washy and more wishful thinking than hard science. This gentleman belongs firmly in the Deepak Chopra half of the website. Had I been alive at the time of the historical Jesus I would have sided with doubting Thomas. If such realms exist anywhere outside of our subjective imaginations then we need a method to access them which is reliable and objective. We need more research on the nature of consciousness and how to alter it. I vote with David Pearce and his Abolitionist Project over the Chopra’s of this world. If there is any reality to all this, then lets find it. Lets find a method of letting Jo Bloggs improve his life and that of the world. There is so much mere talk out there and so little actual progress in scientific terms. End of rant!


    1. It’s only “wishy washy” from a human point of view. Does your spiritual telescope need refurbishing or maybe abandoning for a superior method of knowing – or just focusing/meditating on one point at a time in the assertions of the interviewer and interviewee? If you’re insisting on seeing Reality only from human experience it must be very frustrating. Verily, verily, tis hard to kick against the pricks of Reality … 😕

      Best wishes, Keith.

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  2. Nonetheless an excellent website. David Chalmers for instance is someone to be taken seriously as is Christof Koch. I just find it odd that the website mistakenly believes or appears to that such people belong in the same space as the like of Deepak Chopra and his woo woo new age jumble of thoughts.


  3. As humanity progresses science will be relegated to mere technology, as Reality conveys itself absolutely so that humans simply are and understand everything … (I speak from my experiences of Reality of course, not from primitive human “wishy washyness” … 😁)

    All best wishes, Keith.


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