A poem by Thomas S. Jones, Jr.

‘Across the fields of yesterday
He sometimes comes to me,
A little lad just back from play —
The lad I used to be.

‘And yet he smiles so wistfully
Once he has crept within,
I wonder if he hopes to see
The man I might have been.’

(This poem is in the public domain).

Thomas S. Jones, Jr. (1882 – 1932) was an American writer and editor. Born in New York, he was a graduate of Cornell University and worked for several years at the New York Times. Some of his poems were set to music.

I don’t think this poem applies to mystics. They have no choice about life after experiencing Reality.

As for Seekers, they are on their way and have no choice about the direction of their lives either.

As for those as yet uninvited by the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER), it seems to me the poem would be a good place to begin a deeply honest review of life, without ego or personality or any other such human traps. Infinitely profound integrity is what real spirituality is all about.

Ignoring needs and wants, just being content with where you find your true self, whether it met or meets your ambitions is enough.

Then, when the real facts of where life has brought you is achieved, consider the possibility that’s just where you’re meant to be for now.

To avoid contamination of the purity of such self examination, there’s no need to compare or share this very personal process with anyone else, in my experience.

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  1. “a deeply honest review of life”
    Been thinking a lot about that recently. Very important, it seems to me. And what I find is surprising and not necessarily what I want to find at all. But I am what I am.

    “find your true self, whether it met or meets your ambitions ”
    Yes, and for me realizing the futility of some of my past ambitions is important.

    “no need to compare or share this very personal process with anyone else”
    Perhaps not, although this blog and sharing views with you has been very helpful. Ditto a chat with my “druid” neighbor yesterday. I do think shared experiences can be helpful. Not as a pissing contest (‘I’m further along the path than you’) but simply to help you along the way.


  2. The young Satan agitatedly reported to his father, ^Reality is interfering by teaching my pupil how to drive through existence” he gasped.

    “Don’t worry boy,” said the unperturbed father, “just get your pupil to keep grabbing the wheel …”

    Best, Keith.

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