Watching “How I Lead a Meaningful Life” by the Dalai Lama on YouTube

I’ve always struggled with being part human ever since my mystical experiences of Reality, (MER) that made me what humans call a mystic.

I am grateful the continuing lessons of those experiences enabled me to endure the human condition until my present comfortable life of reality was reached.

Much has been shed – acquaintances, colleagues, comrades, friends, family, neighbours, current affairs, religion, teachings, traditions, reading matter, toxic work – the detritus of present human primitiveness that still obstructs spiritual reality.

Now, for me, the Dalai Lama spells out how much might have been achieved earlier in my life.

Obviously I was not developed enough to understand it then anyway. Like a lot of other spiritual works, his words only shine now as a result of continuing mystic development.

With this personal development, my reading and understanding have become as if I’m reading spiritual works as if I had never read them several times already, over and over again, over many years … they have become as new. They validate my experiences with Reality. For me now, nothing merely human is worthwhile by comparison.

This attitude has become my main navigational tool through life – recognising when opinions and actions are merely human, mind stuff, entropy. I politely avoid them.

So for me the simple profundity of the direction of the Dalai Lama’s message shines like a beacon of Reality.

I hope it might for you too.

All Is Well.


  1. Unfortunately the video seems to have disappeared – I would love to watch it. I recently watched “The Next Guardian” on Netflix and felt moved by it. It is about a monastery in Bhutan and a father’s attempt to encourage a son to lead a monastic life and take over the monastery. Otherwise, says the father , the son would have to become a business man or a farmer. Both attract bad karma – a businessman because he is inevitably a cheat and a farmer because he kills insects. Equally interesting and moving was another documentary on Netflix called “Athos” about the simple life of the monks there.

    I am still at the stage of “shedding” or rather trying to shed. Your post hits a very deep vein. Very deep. I share your views to the fullest extent. I must catch up with you on your path and am acutely aware that that is only possible through “the simple profundity of the direction of the Dalai Lama’s message “.

    Wonderful post Keith, thank you.


  2. Thank you, Anthony. Those Netflix films sound very interesting, and I’m pleased the post hit the spot as it were … I hoped it might. Jesus had an interesting take on the Seeker’s plight when he said in effect, be ready, fill your lamp, trim the wick and wait for the arrival …

    Kindest regards, Keith.


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