A follower wrote:

I can quite understand your reluctance to get involved in proselytizing and marketing. Let alone the incomprehensible realm of social media. It is not an area for which I have any liking either but regrettably, as with all commerce, I guess someone has to do it. As to me, yes, it is incredibly difficult to fight  lifetime’s habit of ‘doing’ things in the human world.  I would say that yes, I am still having difficulty in letting go.

I answered:

“I have a possible answer to that! My favourite MBA, a niece (!), gave me the idea of engaging a qualified financial planner, so I got a former Price Waterhouse man whose department was taken over by TD, a Canadian bank. Now, 11 years later our capital remains intact even though we dont spend all the income he and TD make for us. Being comfortably free of the human curse of having to work for a living has removed me of much of the major human burdens of attachments, duties and responsibilities that so harried my spiritual calling  … 

(Has the debilitatingly hard challenge of fighting a lifetime’s human inculcation been lifted – to reveal an hitherto veiled spiritual dynamic?! Are you in a position to answer that about yourself?!).

The correspondent replied:

“I must certainly put our finances in capable hands – I no longer have the skill or desire to manage money. Or indeed to manage anything in a physical human world which I find increasingly baffling and unsatisfactory.

“You have often told me to discard the distractions of humanity and this has become a compelling necessity.

” … a relative wondered whether I had said all I had to say. I said that I had certainly finished lamenting the sad state of the human world.

” … years ago … I think I probably felt anger about the shocking injustice and inequality which abounds. The violence, greed and anger we see all around us. I expressed my distaste.

“These days I realize how completely futile such an undertaking was and hence have become far more inward looking. The external physical world and in particular humanity will never change and hence the violence and greed will simply continue until the race goes mercifully extinct.

“I still suffer from great fear and anxiety and this too I must let go. Letting go – what a vital concept. I must accept that this is all that remains of my task. To let go finally and completely.”

I commiserated:

“Your journey is particularly difficult for now. Your mind is feral, a common plague.

As the world loses its power over you you’ll regain your lost true self, as well as your inherited but neglected centre of content.

You certainly wont take the world with you on exit!

“All Is Well.”


  1. After 30 years with Neiman Marcus, my wife had $300,000 in IRAs. We invested that with UBS, Anthony’s former employer. We receive $1,000 a month, yet our principal has increased to $420,000. The Executive V.P. and Cert8f8ed Financial Planner, who manages our account is the daughter of one of Rose’s high school classmates.


  2. Wonderful financial experience Ron. The escape from the distractions imposed on your spiritual existence are being expertly managed by the looks of it. Your experience is a good example of a much needed freedom path for Seekers and Mystics.

    True Seekers and Mystics do seem to be directed through various struggles to achieve this state eventually, financially or otherwise.

    Kindest regards,



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