Blog reader Jason sent this email to the Blog’s Contact number. My replies are as follows:

“I appreciate the avenue that you’re making available for people to express and share the most spiritual and powerfully awe inspiring, “mystical” experiences of their lives…. Thank you.

“From the age of 12 and perhaps even earlier, this “vehicle” my parents named Jason has been blessed/cursed with “happenings”…. Moments where the personal mind, the CPU, has “turned off” to reveal the Stillness of the Timeless reality that encompasses all of us “behind” the sequential thought flow that makes up what we perceive as a time based “reality”. 

“As the years moved forward, these experiences would occur sporadically and spontaneously, broadening to include encounters w entities both dark and Light, telepathic “uploads” to the CPU of the grey matter between the ears, out of body experiences, severe psychological/egoic fractures and death experiences, Timeless levels of existence, “glitches” in the time/space simulation, events that defy the laws of physics, entering the Light to be embraced by All in One, yet never being able to stay, and much more.”

I haven’t come across such a comprehensively unique, personal, expressive description of the mystical experience of Reality, (MER) in any of my readings, discussions and comments.

“Throughout the years I’ve attempted to share these experiences with others only to see others “eyes cross” or roll back in their head figuratively speaking…. Never able to find the proper platform from which to express and convey these very intimate and seemingly important experiences. What frustration. What doubt and self questioning that’s resulted from being looked at as strange or even “certifiable” according to the current psychiatric definitions and terminologies of modern psychology….. Questioning one’s own sanity time and time again.

Very familiar!  After over 60 years of not telling anyone about my MERs, when I eventually answered inner promptings to publish this Blog, I discovered great solace in the discovery that the MER phenomenon has been well if not popularly known worldwide in all cultures. It was scientists who first used the word, ‘ineffable’* to describe the impossibility of describing MER. 

Some of today’s physicists refer to the abyss between scientific knowledge and actual mystic experience of absolute Reality in which everything known and unknown exists as “the hard question”.

“As my spiritual practice has evolved and grown, there have been indications from the Stillness, the “nothingness” which at the same time IS the Infinite Potential from which all things arise, to document all remembered experiences…. Or at least compile a list for future use. I followed the continual promptings in deeper states of “meditation” (not mentation**) and came up with a notebook page filling one side completely and half the backside, listing in very short, one line descriptions of each.

“I don’t feel comfortable expressing them verbally at the moment but have since childhood had the inclination to write, to express, to share, for whatever reason and/or purpose, in some sort of written format. I feel deep down that these experiences I’ve “suffered” and then the reassimilating process, the wandering, sometimes lasting weeks, attempting to readjust to a personal mind, encased in a temporary body, with an apparent time and space based manifest reality around it…. I feel these happening are extremely important and can benefit others, someone, somewhere, somehow.

Wales University has a 6,000 strong archive it is collecting on such experiences. The archives were originally established by Dr Alister Hardy at Oxford University. The University publishes the “JOURNAL FOR THE STUDY OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE”. They might be worth contacting.

This is my first attempt in 43 years at reaching out to another, to see if Universe, with it’s masterful quality of synchronicity, might help in arranging something of a synergy with another/others in an effort to shine more light on and learn from the concept and direct encounters with these “mystical experiences”. I would be willing to write down and describe to the best of my ability, putting the ineffable into words, what happened in these events and what they felt like. I’m not sure to what end exactly but again I’m following the promptings of that still small voice that speaks daily, through the anxious noise and nervous rattling of the conditioned personal mind. As of yesterday, the soundtrack on the vinyl record we call the programming of the personal mind skipped and I heard “share your mystical experiences”. As if an inaudible voice were saying go online and search “where to share your mystical experiences”. And so I find myself writing you an email…..

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what this might mean to you and what gets stirred within you as to what might be done with what I’ve shared. In essence I’m looking to share with the intent of helping other “wanderers” out there who are feeling isolated, alone and questioning their own sanity. Connecting with others who feel drawn, or “inducted” into this mystical level of understanding…. Never having asked for it, prayed for it or even really wanted the burden…. Would be such an honor and a blessing!

I too published this Blog partly as a way of searching for human answers and “looking to share with the intent of helping other “wanderers” out there who are feeling isolated, alone and questioning their own sanity”, as you say.

If my experiences are anything to go by all your answers will come from the source, MER. I no longer pay attention to the human condition except for my much watered down worldly duties as husband, father, friend, colleague, citizen. Humans are cared by a far more powerful source than other humans. Humans can only interfere rather than help.

The human mind, including our own, is also an impediment to our real growth, as human history and mystic experience reveal only too clearly …

“Please consider what I’ve shared and see if this resonates with you on some level. See if and how it moves you.

It certainly does! 

“I anticipate your response and whatever direction the Divine may choose to create a path for the expression of these spiritual/mystical “happenings”.

Well, this post on mysticexperiences.net might bring forth further comments. Also, look up RECOMMENDED BOOKS in this Blog, or search for “mysticexperiences.net BOOK & FILM REVIEWS”  Check the Secretary at the Wales University Mystic archives. In the meantime, have you considered starting your own Blog to let your writing act as an inspirational tool for understanding?

All best wishes, Keith.

*Ineffable:  “Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable. Not to be uttered; taboo. Incapable of being expressed in words; unspeakable; unutterable; indescribable.” Wikipedia

** Mentation: Mental activity; thinking.The action or exercise of the mind or of its physical organ; mental activity; ideation; cerebration; intellection.”  Wikipedia



  1. Thank you for sharing Keith and Jason. I recognise what Jason describes including the call to share and the wanting to help “wanderers”. My path to putting my experiences out into the world has been the blogger sphere. The advantage as a non-writer has been short pieces at a time, without the overwhelm of a book, or the technical issues around poetry. There is also the quick response from readers, and possibly later a scooping up of the posts with editing into a book. I suspect Jason will find his way. I hope I can find his content.


  2. I have invited Jason to follow up the post with his Comments.

    He asked in a subsequent email If I would be interested in talking on the phone at some point.

    I replied that he, or anyone else, can always write to me as often as he or they like. However, I told him I don’t encourage tv, radio, pod cast interviews or telephone chats. I find full expression of what needs to be said only comes from the time given by writing to receive careful direction. Personal interviews are fraught with mispoken questions and hurried answers!



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