“Mystical Brain” documentary film with filmmaker Dr. Isabelle Raynauld –

“Mystical Brain” follows a group of researchers from the University of Montreal as they conduct a study into the role of the brain in transcendental experiences … Their efforts are inconclusive.

“Mystical Brain” reminds us of the four wise men of Sufi legend who did not know they were blind and came across an elephant. One said the elephant is a seven foot long tube. Another said it’s a short, tapered solidity with sparse hairs that twitch to no predicable rhythm. The third wise man said an elephant is a large rumbling edifice that moves slowly by unknown propulsion, while the fourth insisted it is a long, smooth, bone like protrusion with a sharp point. All agreed it did not fit the definition of a living thing because it did not have the capacity to grow, metabolize, respond to stimuli, adapt, or reproduce.*

Are we all blind? Is the human race not wired to understand existence, or is it wired but not yet awakened, except in a few cases that have no discernible human qualifications to be awakened at all?

*There is no way to validate the claim that all three wise men had their turbans and tatooshes inexplicably whisked off their heads, only to finally find the chewed headgear at one end of the elephant smothered in a smelly paste of processed grasses and fruits…