Since Plato and Aristotle disagreed over the soul being spirit or physical, giving rise to the argument among humans ever since, it is my contention Ultimate Reality – which modern science, the way Professor Fred Alan describes it, suggests to me is an “‘intangible, irreducible field of probability; the quantum physical wave function from which all matter and energy arise” – that this Ultimate Reality “wave function” invented the phenomenon of the direct individual experience of MER (the Mystical Experience of Reality), thus explaining spiritual existence accurately and fully once and for all without any human intervention whatsoever, (even avoiding languages to do so, using individual human brains as receivers of MERs) – thus reducing scientific physics and philosophy to the level of mere materialistic technological enquiry …

PS: Perennialists 1, Constructionists 0.




To be human yet know the love of Reality,

To be thrust into such agony,

Such dissolution, remorse, humility and acceptance …

Such transcendent joy …

Tears nor death can assuage this love.

Reality’s love surpasses even the need for redemption.

Reality is enough.



KH. 28 Feb. 2016.


A correspondent suggested I need humour in the Blog, and this is what I replied. I thought it might amuse you:

“Good words and thoughts to go by. But my Blog is aimed not only at those who have had the Experience of Reality, but those who study it, scholars and scholarly readers.

Scholars are a very sensitive lot, with strict thinking disciplines and presentations. Humour has to be very carefully used, in case the humourist is labelled, “flippant”. Humour is best avoided by ​”noobies” in any context scholars consider to be their domain. This is an ironic state of affairs because those who have had the Experience are noted for their profound sense of humour; they take human affairs very lightly and the presence of their like has been noted in the appointment in the courts of the wise as “jesters”. Very often they are great personal advisors to emperors and kings, even presidents. Nevertheless, the truth when wrapped in “flippancy” can be even more cause for offence to those who are tenured to take the human condition seriously.

“Good point though, many thanks.”