“Enlightenment is a constant state, not (just) an instant experience.” Mysticism and Miracles

In my experiences I was certainly “instantly”, spontaneously “enlightened” as to the Reality that rules existence. The influence of these experiences has remained as my guide, guard, comfort and provider ever since.

It was only when I was thrust back ‘kicking and screaming’ into the world that I discovered I am marooned in this runaway brain atop a biological ‘human’ robot that produces and wallows in the unreal, mythomanic human condition.

I was not comforted then and am not now.

Ford said “history is bunk”. Was he implying “humanity is bunk”?

More charitably, mystic experiences suggest humanity is simply at a painfully primitive stage of an evolutionary progress.

Mercifully, we’re told the human/robot’s brain and shelf life are limited to 80 to 120 years …

All Is Well.



“Personality,” being the illusion of separateness, is the root cause of all selfishness and evil. It has to be conquered and crushed before the lower is united with its higher counterpart.”

Dr. Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov (1810–81) was a popular, skilled Russian surgeon also famous for his agnosticism, some called it atheism. Yet he was secretly anything but …

His posthumously published work entitled in Russian: Voprosi zhizni. Dnevnik starago vracha, i.e., Life’s Problems. The Diary of an Old Physician revealed a deep mystic understanding, as reported by H.P. Blavatsky in her paper, THE THEOSOPHY OF NIKOLAI IVANOVICH PIROGOV, free epub. Google Play Books, from which the above excerpt is taken.



Blog reader Jason sent this email to the Blog’s Contact number. My replies are as follows:

“I appreciate the avenue that you’re making available for people to express and share the most spiritual and powerfully awe inspiring, “mystical” experiences of their lives…. Thank you.

“From the age of 12 and perhaps even earlier, this “vehicle” my parents named Jason has been blessed/cursed with “happenings”…. Moments where the personal mind, the CPU, has “turned off” to reveal the Stillness of the Timeless reality that encompasses all of us “behind” the sequential thought flow that makes up what we perceive as a time based “reality”. 

“As the years moved forward, these experiences would occur sporadically and spontaneously, broadening to include encounters w entities both dark and Light, telepathic “uploads” to the CPU of the grey matter between the ears, out of body experiences, severe psychological/egoic fractures and death experiences, Timeless levels of existence, “glitches” in the time/space simulation, events that defy the laws of physics, entering the Light to be embraced by All in One, yet never being able to stay, and much more.”

I haven’t come across such a comprehensively unique, personal, expressive description of the mystical experience of Reality, (MER) in any of my readings, discussions and comments.

“Throughout the years I’ve attempted to share these experiences with others only to see others “eyes cross” or roll back in their head figuratively speaking…. Never able to find the proper platform from which to express and convey these very intimate and seemingly important experiences. What frustration. What doubt and self questioning that’s resulted from being looked at as strange or even “certifiable” according to the current psychiatric definitions and terminologies of modern psychology….. Questioning one’s own sanity time and time again.

Very familiar!  After over 60 years of not telling anyone about my MERs, when I eventually answered inner promptings to publish this Blog, I discovered great solace in the discovery that the MER phenomenon has been well if not popularly known worldwide in all cultures. It was scientists who first used the word, ‘ineffable’* to describe the impossibility of describing MER. 

Some of today’s physicists refer to the abyss between scientific knowledge and actual mystic experience of absolute Reality in which everything known and unknown exists as “the hard question”.

“As my spiritual practice has evolved and grown, there have been indications from the Stillness, the “nothingness” which at the same time IS the Infinite Potential from which all things arise, to document all remembered experiences…. Or at least compile a list for future use. I followed the continual promptings in deeper states of “meditation” (not mentation**) and came up with a notebook page filling one side completely and half the backside, listing in very short, one line descriptions of each.

“I don’t feel comfortable expressing them verbally at the moment but have since childhood had the inclination to write, to express, to share, for whatever reason and/or purpose, in some sort of written format. I feel deep down that these experiences I’ve “suffered” and then the reassimilating process, the wandering, sometimes lasting weeks, attempting to readjust to a personal mind, encased in a temporary body, with an apparent time and space based manifest reality around it…. I feel these happening are extremely important and can benefit others, someone, somewhere, somehow.

Wales University has a 6,000 strong archive it is collecting on such experiences. The archives were originally established by Dr Alister Hardy at Oxford University. The University publishes the “JOURNAL FOR THE STUDY OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE”. They might be worth contacting.

This is my first attempt in 43 years at reaching out to another, to see if Universe, with it’s masterful quality of synchronicity, might help in arranging something of a synergy with another/others in an effort to shine more light on and learn from the concept and direct encounters with these “mystical experiences”. I would be willing to write down and describe to the best of my ability, putting the ineffable into words, what happened in these events and what they felt like. I’m not sure to what end exactly but again I’m following the promptings of that still small voice that speaks daily, through the anxious noise and nervous rattling of the conditioned personal mind. As of yesterday, the soundtrack on the vinyl record we call the programming of the personal mind skipped and I heard “share your mystical experiences”. As if an inaudible voice were saying go online and search “where to share your mystical experiences”. And so I find myself writing you an email…..

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what this might mean to you and what gets stirred within you as to what might be done with what I’ve shared. In essence I’m looking to share with the intent of helping other “wanderers” out there who are feeling isolated, alone and questioning their own sanity. Connecting with others who feel drawn, or “inducted” into this mystical level of understanding…. Never having asked for it, prayed for it or even really wanted the burden…. Would be such an honor and a blessing!

I too published this Blog partly as a way of searching for human answers and “looking to share with the intent of helping other “wanderers” out there who are feeling isolated, alone and questioning their own sanity”, as you say.

If my experiences are anything to go by all your answers will come from the source, MER. I no longer pay attention to the human condition except for my much watered down worldly duties as husband, father, friend, colleague, citizen. Humans are cared by a far more powerful source than other humans. Humans can only interfere rather than help.

The human mind, including our own, is also an impediment to our real growth, as human history and mystic experience reveal only too clearly …

“Please consider what I’ve shared and see if this resonates with you on some level. See if and how it moves you.

It certainly does! 

“I anticipate your response and whatever direction the Divine may choose to create a path for the expression of these spiritual/mystical “happenings”.

Well, this post on mysticexperiences.net might bring forth further comments. Also, look up RECOMMENDED BOOKS in this Blog, or search for “mysticexperiences.net BOOK & FILM REVIEWS”  Check the Secretary at the Wales University Mystic archives. In the meantime, have you considered starting your own Blog to let your writing act as an inspirational tool for understanding?

All best wishes, Keith.

*Ineffable:  “Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable. Not to be uttered; taboo. Incapable of being expressed in words; unspeakable; unutterable; indescribable.” Wikipedia

** Mentation: Mental activity; thinking.The action or exercise of the mind or of its physical organ; mental activity; ideation; cerebration; intellection.”  Wikipedia



Reblogged from absolutespirit.co

Its statement that ultimately true love is our true nature rang so true of my mystical experiences of Reality, (MER) I paid more than usual attention to this post. I find its message rings with a unique authority associated with the actual spiritual experience of Reality:

Have you ever listened quietly to your own heartbeats? Have you ever felt the blood flow through all your body?

We are formless existence, and also formed existence at the same moment. Those relative states exist here simultaneously.

In other words, our true nature exists in the non-dual dimension.

There’s actually no enemy, nor mistake, nor individual experience, nor flow of time, even no distinction of anything here. Those separations only exist within illusions (of our minds).

Ultimately, true love which is our true nature is indescribable in words.

And if we don’t actually experience the profoundness of its love, we may be unable to realize what we truly are…

To recognize those relative states or what we truly are, we need to turn our consciousness to all our senses at the moment, instead of trying to understand what someone said.

(We need) to listen to the rhythm of (our) heartbeats quietly.

(This) will definitely lead you into the complete silence.🙏🌌💗


MEDITATION – Personal letters from a master to his pupil

The following are some of the words of a spiritual master to a pupil. They are taken from personal letters written over the years: 

“There are no words through which we can express our inner visions, these are only to be experienced. Sometimes we are given those experiences to encourage us on the Path. 

“Analysis activates the mind while we are trying to put a stop to all mental activity during meditation. Please avoid unnecessary analysis. The spiritual path is a long and arduous journey and requires all the efforts at the command of the disciple.

“The ultimate objective of meditation is not human health but God realisation. This is essentially a slow process. It requires the labour of an entire life to vacate the body below the eyes and to concentrate the attention at the eye centre*. 

“We are not in a position to assess our spiritual progress or the lack of it. Also we should not be concerned about it. Our sole concern should be to attend to our meditation …

“Your daily meditation will give you strength to face the onslaughts of your mind.

“Those spiritual fruits gained during meditation should be carefully protected and built upon for further progress. 

“Meditation alone will give us the grace and understanding to go through life in a happy and grateful attitude.”

*The ‘third eye’. Some research has indicated this area enables strong concentration.



A follower wrote to me recently:

“I have so often approached Blake’s Doors of Perception, so often been within touching distance of the Narnian Wardrobe and yet I am never granted full or lasting access.”

I replied somewhat as follows:

“I think every mystic living or dead could say the same.

“Enlightenment is individual, bespoke. Mystic experience shows you’re given only as much at a time as you are currently able to take in or bear.

“You might not be noticing the sometimes indiscernible but undeniable effects Reality is having on you.

“Overlooking the subtle changes being wrought in you is common in some enlightenment processes.

“It took a long time for me to realise what had and was going on with me …

“Keep on keeping on … “

All Is Well.



This is a reblog of a post in absolutespirit.co, slightly edited textually for clarity.

It expresses a theme often come across in mystic mentions, one that has persistently presented itself to me insistently for some time – that human free will is confined to our bodily and mental capabilities whereas the experience of Reality exclusively guides our individual destinies to our real being.

Here is the post:

“There is no opportunity in our life to retrospectively re-choose what we have been experiencing.

“Even if there was such an opportunity, we could never ever experience anything differently.

“No one will be able to avoid suffering if we continue to refuse to accept this fact.

“This is the life of each of us and is not others’ lives. Each of us has to take necessary time to get calm because if anyone can get calm then we can accept the fact (our destiny?) as it is. And remember that it’s necessary that time cannot be the same for anyone.

“Sometimes some people find it difficult to get real calmness, but if they continue to choose it, it will be easier to get calm inevitably.

“Take as much time as you need.
Give yourself that time.
Give yourself such kind of love.

“Don’t be too strict for yourself.

“Because anything we need will never ever vanish. Never ever. 🙏✨💗”


*In philosophy, the Absolute is the term used for the ultimate or most supreme being, usually conceived as either encompassing “the sum of all being, actual and potential”, or otherwise transcending the concept of “being” altogether. Wikipedia


I had an email comment on the post, A NEW REVELATION. Here it is, with my replies:

Email: “Makes sense. There are no failures. Because there are no measures.”

My reply: Acute observation!

Email: “It’s a blink in eternity, this current ‘consciousness’.”

My reply: Consciousness is a human word – of no consequence to Reality; though it may be  consequential to humans as a measure of their evolutionary progress into Reality.

Email: “I’m not anxious to find out what comes next. But it is, what it is. Just a passenger, along for the ride…”

My reply: Just so!

Email: “… or a hapless aberration (of an infinite spectrum of identicals and variations) clinging on for dear life!”

My reply: No. Evolution is a purposeful method of Reality, though why is still a mystery, even to mystics so far as my mystical experiences of Reality (MER) go …  Nothing is ‘accidental’, ‘purposeless’.

Reality rules!  All Is Well.



“I think sometimes why people go into academia is to shield themselves from having to ask questions about the absolute nature of reality.” Dr. Jordan Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, author, and a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He began to receive widespread attention as a public intellectual in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative. Wikipedia



“Although mystics sometimes retreat from the outer world to develop a deeper awareness of inner reality, mysticism itself does not require retreat. Becoming a mystic does not require an escape from the so-called “real world.” In fact, “practical mysticism” calls upon us to be very present and aware of whatever is going on in the world, without buying into its illusions.”

MYSTICISM AND MAGIC ebook by Jon Munday, PhD.



A follower wrote:

I can quite understand your reluctance to get involved in proselytizing and marketing. Let alone the incomprehensible realm of social media. It is not an area for which I have any liking either but regrettably, as with all commerce, I guess someone has to do it. As to me, yes, it is incredibly difficult to fight  lifetime’s habit of ‘doing’ things in the human world.  I would say that yes, I am still having difficulty in letting go.

I answered:

“I have a possible answer to that! My favourite MBA, a niece (!), gave me the idea of engaging a qualified financial planner, so I got a former Price Waterhouse man whose department was taken over by TD, a Canadian bank. Now, 11 years later our capital remains intact even though we dont spend all the income he and TD make for us. Being comfortably free of the human curse of having to work for a living has removed me of much of the major human burdens of attachments, duties and responsibilities that so harried my spiritual calling  … 

(Has the debilitatingly hard challenge of fighting a lifetime’s human inculcation been lifted – to reveal an hitherto veiled spiritual dynamic?! Are you in a position to answer that about yourself?!).

The correspondent replied:

“I must certainly put our finances in capable hands – I no longer have the skill or desire to manage money. Or indeed to manage anything in a physical human world which I find increasingly baffling and unsatisfactory.

“You have often told me to discard the distractions of humanity and this has become a compelling necessity.

” … a relative wondered whether I had said all I had to say. I said that I had certainly finished lamenting the sad state of the human world.

” … years ago … I think I probably felt anger about the shocking injustice and inequality which abounds. The violence, greed and anger we see all around us. I expressed my distaste.

“These days I realize how completely futile such an undertaking was and hence have become far more inward looking. The external physical world and in particular humanity will never change and hence the violence and greed will simply continue until the race goes mercifully extinct.

“I still suffer from great fear and anxiety and this too I must let go. Letting go – what a vital concept. I must accept that this is all that remains of my task. To let go finally and completely.”

I commiserated:

“Your journey is particularly difficult for now. Your mind is feral, a common plague.

As the world loses its power over you you’ll regain your lost true self, as well as your inherited but neglected centre of content.

You certainly wont take the world with you on exit!

“All Is Well.”


Watching “How I Lead a Meaningful Life” by the Dalai Lama on YouTube

I’ve always struggled with being part human ever since my mystical experiences of Reality, (MER) that made me what humans call a mystic.

I am grateful the continuing lessons of those experiences enabled me to endure the human condition until my present comfortable life of reality was reached.

Much has been shed – acquaintances, colleagues, comrades, friends, family, neighbours, current affairs, religion, teachings, traditions, reading matter, toxic work – the detritus of present human primitiveness that still obstructs spiritual reality.

Now, for me, the Dalai Lama spells out how much might have been achieved earlier in my life.

Obviously I was not developed enough to understand it then anyway. Like a lot of other spiritual works, his words only shine now as a result of continuing mystic development.

With this personal development, my reading and understanding have become as if I’m reading spiritual works as if I had never read them several times already, over and over again, over many years … they have become as new. They validate my experiences with Reality. For me now, nothing merely human is worthwhile by comparison.

This attitude has become my main navigational tool through life – recognising when opinions and actions are merely human, mind stuff, entropy. I politely avoid them.

So for me the simple profundity of the direction of the Dalai Lama’s message shines like a beacon of Reality.

I hope it might for you too.

All Is Well.



Are these recent quotations by scientist Professor Donald Hoffman an indication of a shift in scientific acceptance of the mystic experience of Reality?

They almost make you wonder if he is repeating what he’s read here! (which, I hasten to add, I’m sure he hasn’t) :

Consciousness is “subjective”, “individual”;

Consciousness “is not made up by the brain”;

There are … “no experiments that prove consciousness is made up by the brain”;

“Everything is consciousness”;

“Consciousness is ultimately fundamental to the universe”.

Donald David Hoffman is an American cognitive psychologist and popular science author. He is a professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, with joint appointments in the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and the School of Computer Science. (Wikipedia).

He was being interviewed on Closer To Truth on UTube by Robert Lawrence Kuhn who is a public intellectual, international corporate strategist and investment banker. He has a doctorate in neuroscience and is the author and editor of over 25 books. (Wikipedia).