“I very much resonate with the themes and ideas of your blog: keep up the wonderful work!”

Keith Beasely PhD, School of Earth Sciences, Bristol University.

“There are so many (countless) phenomenon and wonders in this world, which God Himself only knows the meaning of. God has endowed you with very special privileges which you have very effectively endeavored to share with us and to which I am very grateful that you did because it just proves all the more to me at how limitless God’s blessings are!”  

– Mayan Siojo, Vancouver

“There are certain activities or states of mind which trigger in me what Abraham Maslow calls “peak experiences”. Reading Keith Hancock’s book, “Mystical Experience of Reality” does just that. Phrases in Keith’s book take me to treasured places.

When reading Keith’s words, I feel a deep calling to that state of disembodied serenity. So much of what Keith says, so much of what he describes and the way he tells it rings true to me, speaks of the experiences I have felt. Keith had a series of mystic experiences and in this book he describes both his own mystic experiences and quotes extensively from the writing of others on the subject.”

– Anthony Garner,

“I have been reading another blog recently and am coming to see where Keith is coming from. It isn’t god out there, just reality. Which is equally wonderful and just needs to be found. As he says, it is not ‘mystical’ if it is real, and I am coming to believe that perhaps his reality is ‘real’.”


“We LOVE your book, MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE OF REALITY. It is an honor to be working with you!”

Angela Hoy, President & CEO, Inc.

“It’s nice to meet someone who’s Conscious.”

Dr. of Psychology, Victoria, British Columbia.

“A great blog. I think its incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for creating it. You are a very inspirational soul. You have a deep kindness.”

Pamela Oslie, best-selling author, international live radio show host and interviewer, guest lecturer at TED, and Fortune magazine top 500 companies on quantum physics and spirituality, psychology and education.

“Very clear and instructive blog.”

This international best selling authority on the subject of MER made this comment after visiting She does not endorse books or other published items but permission was given to use the quote without using her name.

“I’m now reading your Category: Mystical Experience of Reality (MER) and find the resources and your essays and commentary profoundly insightful … I’m in process of adding a link and profile to your impressive site in some appropriate spot among my pages.”

Ed Fisher, author of an account of his spontaneous, long-lasting, life-changing sexual experience of transcendence.

“Great music of pious mind.” ~ Liza Sud Russia 

The above comment was made by Liza Sud Russia on Keith’s Poem, “Mystics” (see below). Liza is a Gold Star member of the international website, Poem Hunter.

Few here of their kind,
Orphaned souls
No parents find
Entombed in man’s mortality
And man’s defaulting mind,
Neither human, nor sublime:
Lost, yet Divine.

Nanaimo, 2011.