Keith Michael Hancock had what he later discovered were known as bodily and spiritually transcendental experiences every year from the age of about 15 to 35. Click here for a full account of his personal MERs (Mystical Experiences of Reality).

He was a Fleet Street journalist and news magazine editor then a senior consultant at J. Walter Thompson.

He travelled the world when he became chairman of his own advocacy public relations consultancy in London, then Canada.

In the meantime he examined Anglicanism, Quakerism, Catholicism, Sufism and related religions and experience. He was initiated into a school of spiritual studies after a year of preparation. Keith is a Mystic, Contemplative and Quietist.

Specifically, he is a “pratyeka” mystic according to buddhism because his mystical experiences of Reality (MER), were spontanious. (He is not a buddhist or member of any religion). Pratyeka mystics don’t teach, preach, evangelise, or prosletise what they know. However, when Keith recognises those who are chosen and driven to seek Ultimate Reality he does reach out to them, cautiously, to help them stop floundering and recognise themselves, know what is happening to them. Then his inclination is to remove himself unless called upon.

He is now Publisher of mysticexperiences.net, a website devoted to MER (Mystical Experiences of Reality). His Amazon reviewed, five star 416 page book, MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE OF REALITY, is available worldwide on all popular book store sites as a paperback and ebook.

“There are certain activities or states of mind which trigger in me what Abraham Maslow calls ‘peak experiences’. Reading Keith Hancock’s Mystical Experience of Reality does just that.” – Anthony Garner, Zenothestoic.com


Few here of their kind,
Orphaned souls
No parents find
Entombed in man’s mortality
And man’s defaulting mind,
Neither human, nor sublime:
Lost, yet Divine.

Nanaimo, 2011.