Jesus of the Christian Bible told Rabbi Nicodemas that without spiritual birth, it’s impossible to understand His teachings and miracles:

Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. He came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God.” Jesus answered him, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.” John 3:1-21 : New Revised Standard Version of the Christian Bible.

So Jesus summed up the reason his mission failed! He knew! 

He was right. His mistake was in assuming “spiritual birth” (MER) can be taught. It can’t. The mystical experience of Reality is caught, not taught if my multiple annual mystical experiences of Reality, (MER) are to be believed.

That’s why the cult of Christianity is reduced to mere human morality and ethics, neither of which are spiritual. 

That’s why “Christianity” still has to resort to faith, hope and belief in the absence of any experience of the real thing. 

Faith, hope and belief signify spiritual ignorance about which faith, hope and belief can do nothing.

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I am not an evangelist, proselytiser, or teacher. Yearly experiences of Reality from the age of about 15 to late thirties made the idea anathema to me.

Reality, in which all things exist, is only interested and active in individuals, in my experiences. 

Human history shows it is pointless to compete with Reality on this question. Human history is eventually defeated when it tries, as the history of communism, socialism and religions, all such totalitarian ideologies, testify. 

Individuals are what human existence is all about. Nothing in existence is equal to anything else. Everything in existence is individual and nothing is equal, as everything is singularly individual, including humans.

Rather, equality of opportunity to develop to its individual fullest is Reality’s intention and activity in human affairs.

All human wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and creativity comes from the individual.

Without freedom of individuality to be itself, express itself, nothing, including humanity, thrives.

Collectivism only works when the individuals in that collective are free to express the DNA of their own selves.

This is the absolute rule of the seminal DNA of the evolutionary process, if true mystic enlightenment is anything to go by. 

Reality is undefeatable inexorable.

Evangelism, proselysation, spiritual teaching, are no match for Reality, as history eventually shows. They collapse under the weight of their own human hubris.

So why compete? I don’t try. I just hope sharing my experiences not only clarifies my experiences for me, but is also useful to you as the Reality of your DNA sees fit.

All Is Well.

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Reality versus reality.

A follower wrote:

“How each and every generation dismisses the previous generation is still something I cannot grasp….

“Perhaps it is nature’s way of procreation?

“I remember my father being exasperated, losing patience when my youthful exuberance would trot out naïve answers to century-old situations.

“Of course, my father having been born in the early 1900’s, in another country, his experiences would have been very different.

“Always something to ponder….as we focus on ‘reality’…”

My reply:

This is an excellent philosophical point about human reality. It is not about the very different Reality this Blog is all about.

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Sri Aurobindo-Theory of Mind


Be conscious first of thyself within, then think and act. All living thought is a world in preparation; all real act is a thought manifested. The material world exists because an idea began to play in divine self–consciousness.

Hierarchy from lowest Inconsistent state of consciousness to higher perfect state of Supreme mind

Several concepts of Mind is described in Western concepts of Mind studies. They are

Psycho-analytical (cf., Sigmund Freud, Karl Jung, A. Adler), Behavioural (cf., Gilbert Ryle), Gestalt (cf., Max Wertheimer,Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Kohler), Physiological (cf., J. J. C. Smart, U. T. Place, Feigl),Psycho-physical (cf., Karl Popper), Evolutionary (cf., Henry Bergson, Samuel Alexander,Whitehead), Functional (cf., R. Rorty, Peter Smith, O. R. Jones), and Mental or Homo Sapiens-oriented (cf., Roger Penrose).

Iceberg Theory of Mind by Psycho-analyst Freud

With so many scientific concept challenging the Traditional Mind- Theory, Sri Aurobindo concept is still fresh with its truthful & genuine…

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A doctor discovered this blog and remarked he considered me a philosopher so I attempted to put him right, as follows:

The following is the point by point description of the contents of my book, Mystical Experience Of Reality. It illustrates the actual, real lessons taught me by the mystic experience:

Real enlightenment + The Reality of all existence, not just human existence + Reality in charge not humans + Reality is benign + experience of Reality caught, not taught + Why Jesus’ mission failed + Real humans emerging + No God or gods + Religions temporary reflection of Reality + Worldwide scientific, academic acceptance of “ineffability”, “hard question” of mystic experience + Spirituality, experience and personal destiny + Mystic consciousness as human evolution + The mystic message: “All is well”.

I also shared the following introduction from the book. I think it shows the practicality of the mystic experience of Reality as opposed to the mere conjectures of philosophy:

‘The Mystical Experience of Reality is a well known non-biological, non-human historical phenomena that engulfed the author as a 14year-old several times every year until his late thirties, filling him with the experience of a Reality in which all things known and unknown exist at Its behest, guarding, guiding, accepting everything that exists separately, personally, individually. It is benign and uninterested in human wants or constructs such as religions, politics, ideologies.

”The author is what Buddhism would call a pratyekabuddha, a silent buddha whose experience of this Reality was spontaneous, without having been requested or by given human help – a mystic. He insists the experience of Reality is caught, not taught, that it cannot be evangelized or proselytized, worshipped or used. Reality rules. Its ways are not our ways. Our ways are not Reality’s.

Then I shared the following Review of the book. This review illustrates an aspect of the real effect, the practicality of the mystic experience’s absolute existence as opposed to the fading theories or ideas of philosophy – mind stuff:

There are certain activities or states of mind which trigger in me what Abraham Maslow calls “peak experiences”. Reading Keith Hancock’s book, "Mystical Experience of Reality" does just that. Phrases in Keith’s book take me to treasured places. When reading Keith’s words, I feel a deep calling to that state of disembodied serenity. So much of what Keith says, so much of what he describes and the way he tells it rings true to me, speaks of the experiences I have felt. Keith had a series of mystic experiences and in this book he describes both his own mystic experiences and quotes extensively from the writing of others on the subject." - Anthony Garner,

Mysticism is practical, real, repeated throughout human history in all languages and climates, it is not philosophical surmise.

Mysticism is actual first hand experience, it is far more rooted in the reality of existence than mere human, philosophical notions …”

More importantly, the mystic experience of Reality is not created by the brain. The brain is merely a receiver of MER. MER comes from outside the human condition, from beyond the brain or mind – or any other source but Reality Itself. Mysticism is far beyond philosophy.

So I am not a philosopher. I am a mystic. That is, one who has experienced the non human, non biological phenomena of a non human, non biological Reality in which all things known and unknown, matter or spirit, even humans, actually exists independently.


Kone, Krusos, Kronos

Meister Eckhart

The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.“.

The above quotes belong to Meister Eckhart Eckhart von Hochheim  (c. 1260 – c. 1328),[1] commonly known as Meister Eckhart[a] or Eckehart, was a German Catholic theologian, philosopher and mystic, born near Gotha in the Landgraviate of Thuringia (now central Germany) in the Holy Roman Empire.

Eckhart came into prominence during the Avignon Papacy at a time of increased tensions between monastic orders, diocesan clergy, the Franciscan Order, and Eckhart’s Dominican Order of Preachers. In later life, he was accused of heresy and brought up before the local Franciscan-led Inquisition, and tried as a heretic by Pope John XXII. He seems to have died before his verdict was received.


Well with that quote it’s not surprising , that…

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A follower mentioned how Buddha exhorted his disciples to enlighten mankind. 

Buddha probably recognised the perennial path of evolution running deeply and largely unrecognised in humans, (or what my mystical experiencees tell me is in fact the source of everything – Reality).

However, evidently the Buddha did not know or did not realise a lesson of my (updated?) mystical experiences over 2,000 years later.

This was that only Reality can bestow Itself – that the reality of all existence is only caught by those prepared by Reality itself, not taught, not even by wisdom schools, religions, etc.

It seems to me as soon as the mystical experience enters through the individual on whom it bestowed then human organisation eventually degrades it into mere human morality and ethics.

The followers’ observation was that, “Abandonment and quiet resignation are probably the only meaningful responses!”.

I replied this overlooks the realisations to be found in the Silence. You can’t abandon your humanity but you can relegate it to its true place, replace it by going into the recesses of the experience of the Silence. This will get you through the error of giving unnecessary priority to painful worldly human mind stuff …

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The certainty of mystics about the authenticity of the Mystic Experience of Reality, (MER), is because there is nothing human about the experience, nothing in human existence or human history that is comparable to Reality.

This incomparability is what makes Reality so impossible to describe. As scientists and scholars put it, the experience is ineffable.

Also, human languages, being based on the need to share human experiences and thoughts, are of no use in describing Reality because Reality is not human, nor even biological if my MERs are anything to go by.

Google says ineffable means, “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words”.

Reality encompasses much more than humans can presently understand without experiencing it, if ever.

Another reason for being so unarguably convinced about Reality’s existence is that Reality stays with you all your life by changing your basic knowledge and understanding.

Experience of Reality changes the way your life develops, is lived – e.g., your values, ethics, choices, rejections, discriminations, relationships, reading and learning, habits, core centre, commitments and loyalties; your very character and personality.

There’s nothing you can do about it or are expected to do about it, your re-creation just happens almost without you noticing, though you begin to understand how you don’t fit in with most of humanity, and enjoy solitude. You are not ordinary.

By human standards you are extraordinary so keep your head down. Humans are more civilised nowadays but have a violent history with the extraordinary …

These factual observations about Reality’s existence and Its effects also help us distinguish real seekers and mystics from those who claim to have had the mystic experience but relate it to being all about humans. The mystic revelation is much more real and effective than humanity.

All Is Well.

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Cosmic Reality and the mystic expression of that Reality is not cultural, not human at all, any more than a tree leaf is the tree or a forest …

Reality does not grow from or belong to any culture, nation, creed, religion, language, ideology, history or philosophy.

Religions are a bastardisation of the mystic experience. Only the mystic experience reveals that Absolute Reality in which humans and everything known and unknown exists everywhere.

There is no such thing as Muslim mysticism, Christian mysticism, or any other such human parasitical attachment.

Religions, all human/cultural appendages, are just unreal human constructs of the mind, with no mystical experience of the existence of true Reality to justify their mythical existence,.

All religions can offer is hope, faith and belief, but the need for hope, faith and belief only confirms religions just don’t know. If they did they wouldn’t need hope, faith and belief!

There is only Reality. We and all things are part of that Reality. We are merely evolving creatures graduating into extinction to regain our existence into Reality again.

This is the mystic experience.

All is well.

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To a mystic the human experience is transient, human history seems to have little effect on evolution, wallowing as human experience does in its own worldliness.

There are more important things afoot than being merely human, as going into the Silence and listening would affirm.

Some have abandoned their own and humanity’s wilful efforts and are already there …

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There are so many defiinitions of mysticism today. Is this an indication of Reality at work, creating a growing popularity that is deliberately bringing the human race into its next evolutionay phase?

Will humans jettison their historically repetitious failing religious, political, idealogical and cultural values?

Are humans beings directed to firmer evolutionary root values currently only revealed by Reality Itself to mystics?

In the meantime, some modern definitions of mysticism persistently come nowhere near the simple truth.

They are still filled with ignorance, suggesting for instance a philosophical “allegation” of the knowledge the mystic experience imparts, or inserting the usual false suggestions of social, religious influence, ‘God’, dogmas, rituals, a role of personal choice, prayer or personal effort etc., etc.

Here are some selected definitions that come nearest to an understanding of the historical phenomena:

Belief in direct experience of transcendent reality or God, especially by means of contemplation and asceticism instead of rational thought.Such experience had by an individual. Belief in the existence of realities beyond perceptual or intellectual apprehension that are directly accessible by subjective experience." The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

The part where it says:

especially by means of contemplation and asceticism instead of rational thought"is of course rubbish, bereft of any experience of the actual mystical experience of Reality (MER).

“Mysticism is popularly known as becoming one with God or the Absolute, but may refer to any kind of ecstasy or altered state of consciousness which is given a religious or spiritual meaning.” Wikipedia

Where this says, “but may refer to any kind of ecstasy or altered state of consciousness which is given a religious or spiritual meaning” is rubbish too for the same reason as above

Merriam webster dictionary: “Mysticism definition is – the experience of mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality reported by mystics.”

This is a good, simple, statement of truth.

“ : Ultimate reality is something that is supreme, final, and the fundamental power in all reality. Unlike Christianity, Islam or Judaism, Mysticism is not rooted in faith, principle, dogma, or even belief.”

Gaia’s description is the one i would pick to describe my personal experiences of MER.

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“Words from a Garden” by Anthony Garner.

Why is there something rather than nothing, he mused. Does life have any purpose.

Are we merely a jumbled collection of quarks and leptons or part of some grand design, something much bigger altogether.

He wondered, as he sat in his Edenic and walled garden, why he so badly needed to know. Why, since early childhood the concept of “no thing” had so disturbed him. If not this universe then what. How was “no thing” possible.

What were the answers and where were they to be found. Did he but know it he had spent his life seeking. In all the wrong places.

Had he advice to give, anything to help his younger self stumbling along the path. Or any other soul seeking to make sense of the maelstrom of life on earth.

There is no sense to be found, cried the materialists. All is physics they said and life a random element of evolution. Consciousness they claimed is an illusion, we have no self merely a string of memories we use to guide us in making predictions. Driven be a sightless urge evolved to spread our virus, our very lives no more than a carrier and we no better than a disease.

Surely, he reasoned, we might be said to be greater than the sum of our parts. Or was the ability to witness our universe and to sense our very existence yet another mirage dreamt up by a mindless algorithm.

I refute it thus, he thought and buried himself deeper in the mystery. Appealing not to the stone of Bishop Berkeley, but to the witness of his own changing thought patterns. To his ripening ability to enter a different reality even if only within the confines of his own mind.

He leant back in his chair and closed his eyes. A mist descended and that world so often called reality receded to be replaced by something other. Something altogether more benign. Which then was more “real”, internal or external.

Gradients of bliss were what he sought and in that alternate reality he often seemed to find them. He asked to be “where no storms come…out of the swing of the sea”. In such moods he found himself ” in fields where flies no sharp and sided hail and a few lilies blow”.

In such a world all became clear. Brutality and hunger did not exist, ambition and the quest for ever more made no sense. Creed and foolish dogma held no sway there and man did not kill man in pursuit of some fabricated ideal.

Was it an escape from harsh mundanity, from the often cruel and pointless. Was it a valid quest, this journey into a different reality which seemed at such times so close. He thought he saw transcendence, witnessed it, entered into a realm where all was well.

At these moments, the world made sense, if world it was he witnessed. Who was there, did anyone come to meet him. A creator perhaps or at least an omnipotence. He thought not, at least not persons or entities that he would normally recognize on a more terrestrial plane.

Something was there though. An indefinable sense of being. And well being at that. Creature of his own mind some would say and yet if so, what a creation, what a different way to exist. What a state to enjoy.

Drifting deep in meditation he sometimes found himself in a situation he recognized from waking “reality” and sometimes not. He is aware that he is aware. He is aware that he perceives, that he has or is consciousness. But what he is or quite where he is often eludes him altogether at such moments.

Sometimes he believes he may be a note of music as he seems to hear the deep and dark melody of a glorious cello. His being is intertwined with that music, that note. He is it, it is him. Who is playing or where the playing is performed does not matter and time itself seems to have no purchase. He is. No more seems necessary, no explanation required.

At other moments or places in this sea of infinity he is colour and pattern. He is in and integrally part of some great and beautiful scene, abstract at times and then something more recognizable. A field of flowers perhaps, gently waving in the breeze. A barque upon a sea whose white and wind filled sails lead on to some fabled land beyond a wall of blue water, where snow glistens upon distant mountains and the sun shines on gentle uplands. A blue sky with a light wind and the cry of wheeling gulls. The tang of a salt breeze.

Where are you he said, show yourself if you are to be found. But the answers were not so much ill defined as unexpected and arcane. It is not that simple they seemed to say. We are and we are not. Things work differently here. We are you and you us. Or neither, perhaps even existence itself is illusory.

While some may find alarm in such apparent chaos, he found great joy and calm. He did not expect to find sense in any conventional terms.

And yet sense he did find in an altogether more satisfactory manner. Common sense ceased to matter. Material existence was nowhere to be found, just a profound peace in an infinity without beginning or end.

The numinous some would say, the divine. Back in the world of men and letters such states had been described as best they might for thousands of years and across all races and creeds.

The Cloud of Unknowing wrote one such contemplative some 700 years ago. A liberation wrote another, sitting under a tree. A state of perfect peace and nothingness at the very fount of all that is or ever was or will be.

When he woke to find physical presence once again it was with a slowness and a realization that life was to be lived for the sort of dreams and ecstasy he had found within. If indeed there was any such difference between within and without. Increasingly he came to understand that there need not be.

Quietness and slowness and silence were the way to lead life, he knew. And simplicity within and without. To see and hear beauty at every twist and turn in a world which, while apparently physical, was in most senses as immaterial as anything encountered in the midst of meditation.

Matter they said had no solidity. All was energy arranged in such a way as to produce the appearance of stability. How wonderful then was this world and how closely did it reflect the visions he had seen from within.

And so he would listen to birdsong along the shoreline and he would play music and sing in quiet and ancient places. He would live among flowers and trees and he would write and he would read.

Why is there something rather than nothing, he mused. Does life have any purpose. I am, he said. Let that be enough.


QUESTION:  I’ve heard you say “we’re not ‘wired’ to know the whole of Reality yet’’.  I think I understand, but could you go into that a bit more?

ANSWER: What humans in general and physicists in particular regard as reality, that is, everything that’s physical, material, (as well as everything that’s physiological and psychological, eg. moral and ethical), are only transitory products of our current stage of evolution. 

Our knowledge of existence is currently limited to such material properties and whatever the ages we live in dictate. They are temporary.

Some world shaking physical laws like the theories of relativity for instance, evolution and DNA are only a generation or so old. As for our morality and values they seem to change with each generation.

Q: So are you suggesting reality is always changing?

A: Human reality, yes! But the Reality the mystics know should not be seen as just changing. It’s developing. And It develops us from stage to stage.

Q: Are you suggesting what you call Reality exists independently of our will and that it’s causing us to discover it?

A: Yes, real Reality is all existence, outside and inside all creation – but No, we’re not slowly “discovering” real Reality. We’re just uncovering entropic, material and human ‘stuff’.

Reality is developing everything, including us. Reality is revealing Itself – from outside ordinary, dying human experience …

Q:  So why do mystics experience this and not the rest of humanity?

A: I don’t think anyone knows. I was certainly not qualified by any standards known to humanity at the age of 15 when I first started having what I have come to know as mystical experiences of Reality, (MERs). 

Q:  A psychologist once said you are hundreds of years ahead of the rest of us!

A: Yes, but I don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t noticed particularly. The question is more of a human concern anyway.

It could be this particular psychologist thought she recognised traditional spiritual descriptions of the mystic phenomenon that she surmised described me. Her father was Brahmin. 

Q: In other words she was saying you, all mystics, are ‘wired’ to know more about existence than the rest of us?

A: I can’t speak for her, but yes! mystics are ‘wired’ to know more about existence than the rest of us.

Q: So are mystics what we are going to be?

A: Yes! Mystics are at a more developed stage of evolution. They are more ‘wired’.

All. Is. Well.

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“Humans were spiritual beings long before there were religions … religions only came 10,000 years ago.”

Nicholas Humphrey is an English psychologist, based in Cambridge, who is known for his work on the evolution of human intelligence and consciousness. His ten books include Consciousness Regained, The Inner Eye, A History of the Mind, Leaps of Faith, The Mind Made Flesh, Seeing Red, and Soul Dust.