FOLLOWER: Did you see God?

ANSWER: I wouldn’t call it God.

In my present state of development plus what I was given in my various instances of MERs (Mystical Experiences of Reality), I’m at the conclusion there seems to be a Process into which I have been drawn, rather than “God”.

At the beginning I was disappointed not to find God as I had hoped. Instead, I found this Process, which is nowhere near as limited as the human word “God”, implies.


ANSWER: My MERs showed no human attributes in the Process I experienced if that’s what you mean.

Nor does the Process exist just for or engage with the human condition. It does not issue human moralities, ethics, rules of behaviour, laws, taboos, ideologies, threats or talk of vengeance or favouritism. There is no coerciveness, heaven or hell.

The Process is benign, caring of all creation, guarding, guiding, aiding and comforting. It is a constant, a seemingly natural state of unending contentment, peace, tranquility, humility, gratitude, awe and joy.

My own sense of personality, character, body, mind, intelligence, intellect, seeing, smelling, hearing or tasting, did not exist in my MERs, nor did I miss them, expect them or need them.

The experience is fulfilling beyond all ordinary human experience, imagining or knowledge. It seems to be the alpha and omega of everything, all knowing, with what humans would call ultimate virtue, an existential fundament of being that just is, and is a given that can be taken for granted, does not need to be named. In Reality there are no names: everything just is and all is well.

As each of my experiences dissolved me back into my humanity I felt a keenness of loss, outcries of alarm, a profound, wrenching desperation of catastrophic bereavement. I scrabbled against it in futility. I felt marooned, a feeling that taints my human existence to this very second.

I was never given to believe humanity or individuals can invoke or influence this Process of Reality, either. In fact, being human might be the reason so many humans have not yet had the experience.

I came away with the impression human bodies and brains die, but their spiritual ingredients become absorbed, added into this non-material Process of Reality beyond infinity that never dies.

After MER, humans have no need of the anthropmorphic falsehoods of faith, hope or belief – after MER they KNOW. They are one with the Process, no longer needing gods or “God”.

Q: None of this sounds Christian or Islamic.

A: When you’re spiritually ready, dig deeply and sensitively enough and you’ll find the reality of existence and meaning buried inside the clutter of human veils in yourself, in all individuals, in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism.

After that you won’t use the word “God” ever again. You might even wonder if the “God” you’ve been worshiping is in fact the “Devil” obscuring you from Reality.



The concept of “The Devil” was a construct of a religious not spiritual mind. There is no Devil.

Some religions used it in olden times to frighten the spiritually inexperienced into obeying their view of human consciousness.

Even this did not help in the long run as religions themselves are a false construct. They are not spiritual. They do not represent Spiritual Reality, nor do they acknowledge the Mystical Experience of Reality (MER) – in any of MER’s names throughout history. They can’t, so all they offer humans is morality and ethics.

Yet the religions cannot command morality and ethics either, as science is proving. We’re already born with morality and ethics. Under scientific study babies are showing a grasp of morality and ethics before they can walk or talk.

In any case, morality and ethics do not deliver MER, (The Spiritual Experience of Reality) – that consciousness of their existence for which so many humans so spontaneously, throughout history, “hunger and thirst”.

“If you look at the short-term effects of religion, they’re great. They make stable societies — except when they go crazy, which is frequent — and they do social services.” ~ Marvin Lee Minsky

As history unfolds the irrelevance of religions becomes more apparent.  Religions’ need for something to maintain faith, hope and belief in lieu of real spiritual experience raises the need for maintaining a vigorous defence of religions’growing insignificance. And so, wherever humans are gathered in the name of religion – there in the midst is the Devil.

As any evidence sufficient to satisfy rational people of a Devil’s existence withers, nowadays the Devil is demoted to being called things like, “The Negative Principle”. This is still not real.

“The Negative Principle” and all such bogeymen are only from the mind, which exists only on a human not spiritual level. (MER reveals that the mind delivers all human devilry).

In fact, in the Mystical Experience of Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names, everything just is, and we are That.

Humans are the Devil.

KH. 2016.

Marvin Lee Minsky was an eminent American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence. He died on January 24, 2016.



By: Eva Flores

According to science, electricity is composed of electrons and protons, electrons have a negative electric charge and protons are positively charged.

We also know that protons are found in the nucleus of the atom, and electrons flow around the core, like a planetary system as it were.

The entire universe has protons and electrons; therefore we are part of this universe.

God gives us freewill, based on this, the universe, and we have electrons and protons, so God is proton and he is the atom, depicted as heart inside us, Devil is electron floating around.

We are the devil when we allow the negative energy to encroach on us in difficult moments, and we are God when we allow positive energy to encroach on us, so I think we are God and devil, they are inside us.

We feed God with good actions, humility, humanism, honesty and help others who need help to be better. We feed the devil with bad actions and our egos, that are the seven capital sins, gluttony, drunkenness, avarice, lust, conceit, anger, sadness, laziness, pride, etc.

We can feed ourselves with what we choose, but really I think the positive is more difficult but more satisfying.Eva Flores

Eva Flores, teacher, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico.

De acuerdo con la ciencia, la electricidad está compuesta por electrones y protones, los electrones tienen carga negativa y los protones carga positiva.

También sabemos que los protones se encuentran en el núcleo del átomo, y los electrones flotan alrededor del núcleo, como si este fuera un sistema planetario. El universo entero tiene protones y electrones; por lo tanto nosotros somos parte del universo, como todo lo que existe en él y tiene energía.

Dios nos dio libre albedrío, basado en esto, el universo y nosotros tenemos electrones y protones, entonces Dios es protón y él es el átomo representado como corazón dentro de nosotros, el diablo es electrón flotando alrededor de él, están dentro de nosotros.

Somos el diablo cuando permitimos que nos invadan energías negativas en momentos difíciles, y somos Dios cuando permitimos que nos invada energía positiva, entonces creo que somos Dios y diablo.

Alimentamos a Dios con buenas acciones, humildad, humanismo, honestidad y ayudando a otros que necesitan ayuda para ser mejor.

Alimentamos al diablo con malas acciones y nuestros egos, como son los siete pecados capitales; la gula, la embriaguez, la avaricia, la lujuria, la vanidad, la ira, la tristeza, la pereza, el orgullo, etc.

Podemos alimentarnos con lo que elegimos, pero realmente creo que lo positivo es más difícil, pero más satisfactorio.

Eva Flores, maestra, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico.