“Metaphysics seeks to answer, in an abstract and fully general manner, the questions of What There Is and What It is Like.” Wikipedia

Mysticism “…may refer to becoming one with God or the Absolute.” Wikipedia

Science is about “,,,testable explanations and predictions about the universe.” Wikipedia

Both mysticism and metaphysics are usually viewed with varying degrees of cynicism and rejection by science although some scientists have long acknowledged the “ineffability” of the mystic experience.

But they’re all wrong, (except for the “ineffability” acknowledgment).

Science and metaphysics will disappear under the weight of their own inadequacies as the human brain and mind progress under Reality’s direction. Science and metaphysics are dead ends.  

Only Reality is real, according to those who have experienced Reality’s existence.

The mysticism of Reality is not susceptible to the human experiments or thoughts of science or metaphysics …

Even mystic experiences do not reveal the wholeness of Reality’s existence let alone all Reality’s attributes. 

At this stage in its progress the generality of humanity can see only through its limited abilities “as through a glass darkly”… 

All Is Well.


“The Tao is like a well: used but never used up.

“It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.

“It is hidden but always present. 

“I don’t know who gave birth to it. 

It is older than God.”

From the TAO TE CHING translated by Stephen Mitchell. Published by HarperCollins, available as an ebook from Google Play Books for CA$11.99.

This magnificent English translation of Lao Tsu’s famous work says it all. I began to shake uncontrollably as I read it, absorbed into Reality again, Reality’s overwhelming presence was indescribable but undeniable. 

This book is a thorough account of what the mystic experience of absolute Reality, (MER) is all about. Its absolute truth took me over again, body, mind and soul, just as my experiences did years ago. 

Although the TAO TE CHING is addressing Lao Tse’s experiences to mankind, as mine did not for some reason, I can attest it is powerfully true in all its ineffable glory. It reaffirms everything I have been given.

The TAO TE CHING is what the spiritual experience is all about.

I am humbled again beyond words. We are not body, we are not mind, we are TAO, Reality.


“MYSTICISM AND MIRACLES”, an ebook by Dr. Jon Mundy

The description of mystical experiences even in the first few paragraphs of Part One of this book made it an interesting read.

There are apparent insights into what seem like actual first hand experiences.

Dr. Mundy certainly adds to the current corpus of literature on the subject, producing a comprehensive delving into a different length, depth and breadth of this ancient human experience of the infinite cosmic experience of mysticism.

He quotes a myriad of all manner of past and present ordinary folk, famous people, authors, scholar, mystics, historic and current wisdom from around the world – while staying readable!

His 42 page ‘Alphabetical Index of Mystics, Masters, Sages, Saints—and Just Regular Folk’ at the end of the book is an outstanding illumination of the mounting evidence that mysticism is a widespread historical evolutionary development of the human psyche.

His seven pages of bibliography are an indication of the depth of his reading on and around the subject of mysticism then and now –  bearing in mind some mystics don’t read books on mysticism in case they corrupt the purity of their own experiences’ purposes for them as individuals.

However the use of the word miracle in the title and text in the same context as mysticism suggests this book is a humanised view of mysticism, that it does not speak from the actual experience of the mystic phenomena.

A ‘miracle’ is a made up human explanation of something unusual, incomprehensible, that can’t be understood, something unnatural. But the mystic experience is of an actual, absolute Reality. It is real. There are no ‘miracles’ in Reality where there is no need of such explanations.

This book is also a disturbing indication of the way mysticism might be entering the mainstream. Should such a growing number of academics, physicists and philosophers busily analysing the subject into little palatable pieces with their mere human tools of logic, reason and analysis worry us?

Perhaps not! Mysticism is impenetrable, only obtainable by Reality’s invitation to the actual personal, not communal, experience.

On the one hand Seekers might find the book personally validating on the current direction of their paths. On the other hand mystics don’t need human validation!

Jane Sutherland* who recomends this book in her blog goes so far as to say it is probably the only book we will ever need to read on mysticism … It certainly is comprehensive.

Dr. Mundy certainly does bring a refreshing, validating, focused, uncluttered, explanation to the subject.

However, summing,up, while some of the content matches my mystical experiences, there’s a lot that doesn’t. The book’s references to Christianity and anthropomorphism in particular distort the purity and purpose of the mystic experience, in my view.

Mystics can’t verify, for instance, the author’s suggestion the MER experience ‘Whets the appetite’.

What appetite? Mere human appetite? Does this imply Dr. Mundy is recommending self will, mind stuff, versus Reality?

The experiences of mystical Reality (MER) that engulfed me so absolutely did not allow any ‘me’ or any thought by ‘self’ to exist … There was no such choice.

The book’s narrative also uses words to the effect that, ‘It takes a great deal of effort to eradicate the effects of the ego.’ No it doesn’t. The mystic experience does that for you automatically, axiomatically … Spiritually undeveloped human effort doesn’t matter.

You don’t even have to obey or submit when you have the mystical experience of Reality. You can’t. Reality engulfs you in Itself.

There is also an extraordinary exhortation to ‘talk’ to ‘God’ directly. Really!!!!?

Mystics know everything derives from Reality in Reality’s own good time, including humans and ‘mysticism’. We have no say in the matter. Reality communicates with us, not the other way round.

Reality communicates Reality whenever and wherever Reality likes, whether we like it or not. (And I’m not aware Reality even ‘talks’ by using words anyway).

All we can do is shut up, close our eyes and listen. The rest eventually follows as the day the night – also whether we like it or not!

There is also much mention of ‘Hell’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘God’ in this book. These are religious, human cultural constructs, primitive shadows of the real thing. Religions, God or gods did not exist in my MERs in any shape or form. They are no part of humanity’s destiny.

And while the book’s detailed round up of the story of mysticism seems valuable at first, the book degenerates into an attempt to codify the uncodifiable by making mysticism a teachable, utilitarian human construct. It evangelises, preaches and teaches at length …

Sadly the point of view of the book throughout is stubbornly human oriented. Yet the mystic experience shows the human condition is relatively inconsequential to Reality. Reality’s destiny for us – the impermanent, short lived human race – is cosmically different to what we are now.

However, not to throw out the baby withn the bath water, there might be genuine MER experience here too. Some early parts of the book could “speak to your condition” as the Quakers say.

Not everything in it will be relevant to you all the time but the book might be worth keeping by you so long as spiritual discrimination and discernment are applied.

You might find it useful for dipping into for personal relevance as long as you avoid the cookie cutter preaching and teaching attempts to do what only Reality can do.

*Visit Jane Sutherland’s blog

(Ms. Sutherland’s post where this book is mentioned could also take you into depths that might make it worth carefully reading her other writings for insights, possible first hand experiences, validations and kindly suggestions. This address takes you to her other blog posts).


A previous post under the above heading said, “Being everything I am and nothing of what I am not.” A follower wrote to me with two comments:

QUESTION: “…nothing of what I am not” does that refer to being devoid of any traits derived from ego and being human?

ANSWER: Yes! From birth, history shows how our true identity is entombed in the cultural consequences of human lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. We believe this is our true identity. It’s not.

Mystics have seen a very different destiny for humans after death, a joyous, loving, spiritual destiny where we truly belong, not a material nor necessarily biological one.

We think we’re here to become better humans. We’re not. Historic mystic experience of Reality, (MER), proves otherwise. 

Q: A pure being here on earth is an impossible achievement for 99% of the population I think.

A: The nearest we get to ‘purity’ is the experience of the mystics and seekers. They are probably 10% of the world’s population at any time.

Mystics know what they have experienced of Reality is caught, not taught so generally keep to themselves. Reality is the only teacher of Reality.

Seekers are those the Christian bible refers to as those who were born with the instinct to hunger and thirst after righteousness. They know merely being a better human is not our life’s purpose, though they acknowledge their responsibilities as a spouse, parent, friend and citizen while here. Do No Harm could be their motto …

The remaining 80% of the population are generally oblivious to Reality or the existence of mystics and seekers.  They’re often unkindly referred to as sleep walkers. I prefer to think of them as being worthy of great respect as Reality’s seedlings.

Why I posted ‘Being everything I’m meant to be and nothing of what I’m not’ was to emphasise my encouragement to a long time follower of the Blog. He realised he is a Seeker and has been battling his worldly attachments ever since. Occasionally he loses the thread, gets frustrated, depressed …

The human path to Reality is like that! Life is like ricocheting down a tunnel, frequently banging ourselves on the sides, out of control, suffering each time as a consequence. But Seekers eventually find themselves more in control, then stay calmly centred as they’re supposed to be – like developed mystics …

All Is Well.


A follower wrote to me recently:

“I have so often approached Blake’s Doors of Perception, so often been within touching distance of the Narnian Wardrobe and yet I am never granted full or lasting access.”

I replied somewhat as follows:

“I think every mystic living or dead could say the same.

“Enlightenment is individual, bespoke. Mystic experience shows you’re given only as much at a time as you are currently able to take in or bear.

“You might not be noticing the sometimes indiscernible but undeniable effects Reality is having on you.

“Overlooking the subtle changes being wrought in you is common in some enlightenment processes.

“It took a long time for me to realise what had and was going on with me …

“Keep on keeping on … “

All Is Well.


This is a reblog of a post in, slightly edited textually for clarity.

It expresses a theme often come across in mystic mentions, one that has persistently presented itself to me insistently for some time – that human free will is confined to our bodily and mental capabilities whereas the experience of Reality exclusively guides our individual destinies to our real being.

Here is the post:

“There is no opportunity in our life to retrospectively re-choose what we have been experiencing.

“Even if there was such an opportunity, we could never ever experience anything differently.

“No one will be able to avoid suffering if we continue to refuse to accept this fact.

“This is the life of each of us and is not others’ lives. Each of us has to take necessary time to get calm because if anyone can get calm then we can accept the fact (our destiny?) as it is. And remember that it’s necessary that time cannot be the same for anyone.

“Sometimes some people find it difficult to get real calmness, but if they continue to choose it, it will be easier to get calm inevitably.

“Take as much time as you need.
Give yourself that time.
Give yourself such kind of love.

“Don’t be too strict for yourself.

“Because anything we need will never ever vanish. Never ever. 🙏✨💗”

*In philosophy, the Absolute is the term used for the ultimate or most supreme being, usually conceived as either encompassing “the sum of all being, actual and potential”, or otherwise transcending the concept of “being” altogether. Wikipedia


“I think sometimes why people go into academia is to shield themselves from having to ask questions about the absolute nature of reality.” Dr. Jordan Peterson

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, author, and a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto. He began to receive widespread attention as a public intellectual in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative. Wikipedia

Watching “How I Lead a Meaningful Life” by the Dalai Lama on YouTube

I’ve always struggled with being part human ever since my mystical experiences of Reality, (MER) that made me what humans call a mystic.

I am grateful the continuing lessons of those experiences enabled me to endure the human condition until my present comfortable life of reality was reached.

Much has been shed – acquaintances, colleagues, comrades, friends, family, neighbours, current affairs, religion, teachings, traditions, reading matter, toxic work – the detritus of present human primitiveness that still obstructs spiritual reality.

Now, for me, the Dalai Lama spells out how much might have been achieved earlier in my life.

Obviously I was not developed enough to understand it then anyway. Like a lot of other spiritual works, his words only shine now as a result of continuing mystic development.

With this personal development, my reading and understanding have become as if I’m reading spiritual works as if I had never read them several times already, over and over again, over many years … they have become as new. They validate my experiences with Reality. For me now, nothing merely human is worthwhile by comparison.

This attitude has become my main navigational tool through life – recognising when opinions and actions are merely human, mind stuff, entropy. I politely avoid them.

So for me the simple profundity of the direction of the Dalai Lama’s message shines like a beacon of Reality.

I hope it might for you too.

All Is Well.

“Not all who wander, are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

This quote is very true.

My late Sufi Master said, “There are no failures.”

As someone who through no fault of his own experienced the joyous rebirth of the experience of Reality many times a year for over 15 years, I can verify this truth.

We are not body or brain. We are more.

Humanity’s destiny is to eventually shed body and brain like a chrysalis to become individually truly fulfllled in the fullness of Reality.

Each individual aspect of existence goes through this, not just humans.

All Is Well – no matter what humans get up to.

I AM NOT ‘I’ !

After his recent inner experiences a follower wrote to me, “Somehow something of the ‘I’ had to remain to be influenced, to grow myself and maybe those I encounter.”

My experiences are entirely different.

My reply was that in my experiences ‘I’ gets in the way of spiritual development. ‘I’ clutters spiritual progress.

‘I’, being human, and particularly the mind with its cultural accretions, have nothing whatsoever to do with human development. They are attachments.

All human lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego get in the way. Fortunately they wither under Reality’s influence.

But the followers’, “‘I’ had to remain to be influenced, to grow myself and maybe those I encounter”, particularly worries me.

As I have shared many times, Reality is caught, not taught. We can’t do Reality’s work for it!

As human history shows, we, including mystics, can’t evangelise, teach or prosyletise, the mystic experience of Reality, (MER). The experience is ineffable, not explainable. Only Reality can gift it.

Even scholars and scientists admit to MERs absolute ineffability.

So ‘I’ certainly doesn’t “have to remain”. But not to worry. If the follower is under Reality’s influence ‘I’s eventual disappearance will become joyfully apparent in Reality’s own good time …

All Is Well.

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Did I have what Christians would call a new Revelation?

I was reading this quotation by Ron Krumpos in his new paperback of, ‘The Greatest Achievement In Life’:

“The (mystical) experience itself is felt to be sufficient and complete. It does not come in fragmentary or truncated form demanding completion by something else. It does not look beyond itself for meaning or validity.”  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President of India

It gave me a sudden, startling, serendipitous reminder of my mystical experiences, plunged me into that joyful state of knowing my true self in what I have come to know as Reality.

Reality engulfed me again; joyfully, humbly, irresistibly. I shook.

Later, I wondered if this was the answer to a persistent urge to know even more of the Reality of my experiences.   

The ‘answer’ seemed to be that difficult to explain but impossible to ignore feeling to, Just be. Be just what Reality is creating. 

I had been feeling for some time that, we are given what we are ready to absorb, as much as our capabilities can bear! No one is first, no one is last.

It also confirmed what a Sufi master once told his initiates, there really are no failures.

All Is Well.

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Some mystics would tell us the only spiritual life worth talking about is the experiential kind, not the religious. 

Why we are here is based on inner experience, gnosis, not the expectations of our country of origin, tradition, culture, teachings or habits.

Gnosis is connection to Reality.  Those who have experienced it are marked by a reluctance to talk about it. 

What we know of it suggests it is spontaneous, though some religious teachers claim they can induce it in their pupils by special disciplines.  the Jesus of the Christian bible said his message was only for those already prepared by his God, perhaps a reference to the experience of gnosis. Bible and mystical references suggest it can’t be earned or deserved. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests the experience happens to those aged between 20 and 30. Each experience brings with it a sense of departure from the body. 

While it lasts, the feeling is of being infused as if anaesthetised with a profound sense of joy. Everything that exists or has ever existed belongs intensely to the one having the experience. There is no absence of time, just no such thing as time. 

It is as if the subject is being observed with benign indifference, as if their existence is unremarkable, as if they are an essential part of a reality in which they exist for ever.

The experiences come with an undetectable gentleness as if from an infinite, unassailable strength. There is a sense that the even greater Reality is waiting nearby. Afterwards, some subjects conclude they are given as much of the experience as they can bear. As the experience begins to leave the loss is fought against with agitation and sadness, and a panicky sense of loss.

The experiences do not lead the subject to want to be a better human being.  They can even make the subject impatient with being human at all. Being a “better”, a “good”, human being, become givens, “fruits of the spirit”. After such experiences these attributes seem axiomatic, automatic, needing no effort to achieve. 

This gnosis is not anthropomorphic, human centred, not even biological.

Gnosis makes a clear distinction between the human spirit and what humans call the Holy Spirit, that which is of man, (matter, morality and ethics), and that which is Real, pure, the soul.

The soul is a part of what those who have the gnostic experience then know as their true identity, an identity which is part of a whole to which they will eventually return permanently.

The sense is that the soul is merely placed in the human mind and body in order to experience matter and when that is satisfactorily accomplished, when the soul is pure spirit, then the body is discarded and the mind is shelved as no longer required. Only souls are eternal, not humans.

All Is Well.

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Note: This was originally posted in 2016 and is posted here again in slightly re-edited form. It is a restatement of my Mystical Experiences Of Reality, (MER) several times a year from my late 14 years to 35 years of age.


The materialists in academia think the brain is limited to utilitarian human purposes. But mystics know that is not the brain’s primary purpose..

Scholars and scientists propose the brain makes up the phenomenon of the historical mystic experience of Reality (MER). To prove it they feverishly examine all aspects of the live or dead human brain’s structural, chemical, hydraulic, and electrical workings but to no avail spiritually, yet spirituality is what humans are all about ….

The brain is not a human tool that can be used to crack open a full realisation of the immensity of Reality.

One day they’ll acknowledge the failure of this materialistic approach. They’ll accept the brain is primarily a receiver of Reality’s intent. Everything we do, know and are flows from that.

‘Knowing’ this as I do convinces me the human individual is the prime purpose of Reality, not communality, collectivities, ideologies, ‘modern tribalism’, religious mindstuff and all such mass coercions inflicted on us by the primitive human mind …

That’s why an enlightened mystic can never be a mystic christian, muslim, hindhu, jew, left winger or right winger, etc. Suchlike is impure human ‘manmukh’ and as such, irrelevant to Reality’s purpose.

The individual, all individuality in all things, is Reality’s prime creation and purpose.

All Is Well.

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The true experience of Reality is defined by markers common to all such true experiences throughout history. But revealing them here could encourage pretenders so I won’t.

Sufficient to say the traditional tribal, cultural ‘God’ of war, threats, bullying, misogyny, land theft, exclusion, plagues, disasters, coercion, fantasy, deceit, anger, favouritism, anthropomorphism and religions, are no part of the mystical experience of Reality, (MER) which so ensnared our culturally limited, undeveloped ancestors. Is this why religion all over the world is now dying?

MER is the very antithesis of such ‘godlike attributes’.

There are many names throughout history for phenomenal experiences, including the word ‘God’. Not all of them are true mystical experiences of Reality. 

I was brought up to believe in a God before my experiences began. I expected, and was bewildered, disappointed, when there was no ‘God’ of any description in any of those experiences, then or after.

I am beginning to think the make up of the Reality I experienced throughout 15 years of my life from the age of 15 is made up of the same elements found in the cosmos, including humans.

We’re told these elements include water, oxygen gas, O2, and most organic compounds, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, proteins, nucleic acids and thousands of others science doesn’t have a reason for them being there …

Nevertheless, the Reality mystics experience is not human. Reality may have all these ingredients but they are on a completely different, commanding, creative level to our as yet undeveloped selves.

Reality is in charge, according to my revelations. Reality is beyond our limited free will. It is benign, asks for nothing, not even worship or prayers. In my experience Reality is only interested in individuals. It is loving beyond human experience or description. And we are of it. The experience of Reality is an experience of total joy and trust beyond description. That’s the very basic mystic experience of Reality. 

The word ‘God’ in any language describes a false, human fantasy, ‘God’ is not the Reality in which we really live – whether we know it yet or not.

All Is Well.

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