Humans! Who are they, what are they, why are they?

It doesn’t need a book to know the answers. The answers come with birth. Every human has the answers.

Some humans are made suddenly aware of the existence of the answers. Others awaken to them in dribs and drabs. Others don’t seem to be bothered.

However, thousands of years of human experience of this phenomenon have caused those who know to accept there are no failures. Every human comes fully to its eventual fruition.
The phenomena of Reality is benign. Every human is loved and accepted, as is, whatever its stage of development or errors, in its entirety, for eternity, integrated into a joy, a bliss beyond human expression, ineffable.

Whoever is enlightened to the existence of the answers to human existence learns more and more according to their development. They become aware of a reality greater than anything merely human. Humans are loved, guarded and guided. Eventually they know and become that Reality, fulfilled in it.

When the last human becomes fulfilled, human existence will have served its purpose. Humans will no longer exist.

So when the instincts arise in you, they will persist whether you like it or not, are distracted by human life or not. The Mystical Experience of Reality never fails.

So eat less, sleep less, do less. Nothing human is ultimately lasting. Find solitude. Wait, watch and listen. Become and be, forever.



Well-meaning advice of a seemingly spiritual nature is not available to ordinary humans in practice. It does not succeed because by its nature Reality is caught, not taught. Spirituality is an experience of Reality. Anything else is mere religion or speculation, not spiritual.

The ones who catch Reality are probably born already prepared to experience Reality, to succeed spiritually. They are the ones noted for their “hunger and thirst for righteousness”. This hunger and thirst is a lifelong gift, a passion.

Spiritual awakening, as opposed to the mere human improvement sought by well-meaning “spiritual” advice, is believed to be seminal, an intrinsic part of our evolution.

The experience of Reality comes to everyone eventually though not, apparently, necessarily in one lifetime.

Though spirituality is not for everyone yet, finally there are no failures.


“As for the human race, it is being taken care of better than it can take care of itself. All is well.”

Q: The ancient Vedantic scripts that attempt to explain human existence say there are two approaches, philosophical, and experiential. Which are you?

A: Through no effort on my part, or any qualification I’m aware of, I’ve been given many annual experiences of what I call Reality. I think that puts me in the experiential camp.

Consequently, to me, the word Reality means everything that exists, everything known and unknown, then, now and forever – the utter joy of being, the oneness with all, the dissolving gratitude, humility of being wholly accepted (love), and knowledge – the “veils” removed.

However, though I have experienced this Reality I can’t claim to understand it – rather like someone who can drive a car without having to understand how it works.

Q: So where does philosophy come in?

A. Philosophy is a means by which mankind attempts to use the mind to make known facts meaningful. (Some scientists are saying that without actual experience of Reality Reality cannot be known).

My Experience is that what is known as “enlightenment”, “transcendence”, is spontaneous, is caught not taught. The mind, that the philosophers are using to study Reality in the absence of actual experience of Reality, is an illusion that produces nothing lasting, and is impermanent. Mind shares longevity and death with humans. Mind, with its machinations and ego, is mischief, (but temporary).

Q: So, what is the future of humans? Can we know?

A: Some Sufi schools teach that by the time the Spirit of Reality has brought humans to full maturity, then only Reality, which can be said to be spirit and truth, will still exist. The human race will have dissolved into Reality.
Humans won’t exist. The process is inexorable.

Q: So where do you come in? Do your Experiences give you a mission? Are you a spiritual messenger, a teacher, a guru, or a master?

A: No, I’m none of these things. I do still wonder what I’m supposed to do with my Experiences. I’ve given it serious thought, meditation and experiential study, but have felt not a tremor of personal destiny that I recognise. I’ve wondered if I’m trying hard enough but am somewhat comforted by the spiritual tradition of some Experiencers like me who choose to stay and help the human race understand their destination as spiritual beings. Others, like me, choose to ignore this as a distraction. I am called to go on in the Experience of Reality.

Humans aren’t the be-all and end-all of Reality. There are more important things.

I’m also comforted by the only clear and direct message I got 55 years ago on one of my Experiences on a bridge over the River Thames one evening. The message was: All Is Well. It was clear, strong, persistent and unequivocal. It resonates with me still.

I took that message as a specific reassurance. At the time, the Experiences were ruining my human life. After that, and slowly through the years, I began to think my destiny was to accept the part of me that is human – my responsibilities as a husband and father, earning a living, at the same time as the more important inner work of being what humans call a “mystic” – someone who has Experienced Reality and is caught in an awareness of the process. I can and am to do both.

So to answer your question again, no, I don’t feel any urge to be any more involved with the human race than necessary to my inner work in Reality. I know Reality and am that first and foremost.

As for the human race, it is being taken care of better than it can take care of itself. All is well.


Is heaven not on earth?

hoffman-portraitDr Donald Hoffman, Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California, says some research suggests “… the physical world isn’t final reality”.

He says such research also suggests “Natural selection drives our perceptions to extinction.”¹

Amen! (to borrow a phrase …).

This is precisely what my mystical experiences of Reality suggest. It’s what has been alluded to often in the nearly 100 posts to this blog.

The human race is on a long journey that includes its extinction. This is its destiny, its fulfillment. Heaven is not on earth. That’s the mystic message.

¹See Dr. Hoffman’s interview in the series of interviews with leading scientific researchers on the subject, “Is Consciousness Final Reality?” on the free video series,




rebeccaAmerican Dr. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, scholar, popular, critically acclaimed real science ‘fusion’ novelist, graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College, receiving the Montague Prize for Excellence in Philosophy. She immediately went on to graduate work at Princeton University, receiving her Ph.D. in philosophy. (Photo:

Dr Goldstein is quoted as suggesting, (in Goldstein, 2013, that, “The impermanent nature of existence” might be a probable cause for people having something like the mystical experience of Reality (MER).


I would be flattered at the thought that when I started having my experiences of Reality at the age of 15 years I was even aware of the existence of “the impermanent nature of existence” or any human need to deny it.

My experiences never suggested my human self had anything to do with the experiences of Reality I was being given.

On the contrary, my experiences suggest the human condition is an involuntary evolutionary phase on the way to a non human existence.




hick_200x272John Hick (1922—2012)

John Hick was arguably one of the most important and influential philosophers of religion of the second half of the twentieth century.

“As a British philosopher in the anglo-analytic tradition, Hick did groundbreaking work in religious epistemology, philosophical theology, and religious pluralism.” ~ Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Hick, a prolific author of best-selling books still read at universities around the world, said he had, “… experience of a transcendental reality of some kind.”

It was “a brief but very, very vivid, unforgettable experience of transcendent meditating”.

The experience was “oneness”; “benign”, “friendly”, “wonderful”. He thought the experience was “meaning”, that the experience “is meaning.” He was against the idea of a personal God.

The above was taken from an interview with Hick about “Ultimate Reality” in the PBS TV series, “Closer To Truth”. See the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion, and his official website at




“In everyday life, you get to experience the miracle of transformation that causes a three-dimensional spatial world and one-dimensional temporal world to manifest before your very eyes.

“The great advantage of experience is that it isn’t theoretical. Reality is never wrong, and all of us are embedded in reality, no matter what model we apply to explain it.

“Reality is waiting for us to creep closer to understanding its mysteries.

“In the meantime, it won’t falter or come to an end. Reality will remain our home, our source, and the ground state of our being far beyond the lifetime of the foreseeable universe.”

deepakDeepak Chopra, MD is the author of more than 75 books with twenty-two New York Times bestsellers including What Are You Hungry For? His medical training is in internal medicine and endocrinology, and he is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and an adjunct professor of Executive Programs at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

INDIA AND SPIRITUAL REALITY – “Only Reality is constant, real and lasting.”

I didn’t answer your other questions so now here are my belated answers:

Q:  The author states that the spiritual lethargy and poverty of India reflects centuries of meditation.The yogi goes inward to still the mind and his goal is to attain bliss and joy and become one with GOD, unaware that union with God is not possible.

A:  The whole point of existence and meditation is personal realisation of oneness with Reality. This leads to surrender and spiritual discrimination, a different attitude to poverty versus material “richness”, for instance

So far as the assertion that union with “God” is not possible is concerned, I have experienced Reality many times and know Reality is far bigger than “God” or gods or human ambitions and goals and that union with it is all life is about.

Despite what we generally see, hear and feel as humans, not all here is what it seems. Reality is winning. All is well.

By the way, the aforementioned fruits of oneness like bliss and joy are just two of many gifts of the Experience. They’re spiritual gifts, not ephemeral worldly objects of human want.

Q:  Then the author continues: It is within the destiny of Soul however, to become a Co-worker with God and enter into the true realm of heaven.

A:  No.

Is this pure, mistaken human ego and ignorance? There is no evidence, experiential or experimental, for such an assertion.

Reality doesn’t need humans. It draws us to Itself. It can’t be commanded, invoked, evangelised or proselytised, in my experience. It is caught, not taught or thought.

Q:  Do you think there is any truth to his belief that the present state of India has been effected by meditation versus contemplation?

A:  The author’s declaration of the “present state of India” sounds as if the author is referring to India’s worldy, non spiritual, contemporary state we know from the news. The wordly state has nothing to do with spirituality.

Individual Indians however are in evolutionary spiritual transition, like us, and their experience of Reality is ancient and has made them fatalistic, surrendering to mankind’s unstoppable spiritual evolution into Reality.

(They tend to “let go and let god whereas we try to use “God” as a magic spell to deliver our wordly wants).

Indian culture has traditionally been unimpressed by the western world’s realities, while western culture has become more and more materialistic.

All earthly anchored cultures are dying,  dead ends.

Only Reality is constant, real and lasting.

Mankind as such may or may not survive the transition into Reality but it doesn’t matter. There is more than being merely human.

Reality is in charge. All is well, as your meditation will reveal if you persist, (or if Reality doesn’t get you first …).






On Mar 7, 2016 3:42 PM, a Follower on this web site asked by email:

I am reading some of your MER ruminations and am having trouble coming to terms with the meaning of Reality as you reference it and its import.

This is what I told him:

Apparently you can only “catch” Reality by experiencing it.  That’s where scientists are coming to the edge of “the Abyss” and realising that mystics are the other side of that abyss and only mystics who have experienced Reality can even begin to understand Reality, which is why there is such an abyss between, on the one hand, scientific experiment with logic, reason, language, mind and brain, and on the other, the mystics and their experience of Reality.

No one knows why some people experience Reality and others don’t. Mystics have no apparent qualifications to receive it, no human standards and nothing much in common with each other personally, nationally, socially or even historically

Reality is not a human attribute. Reality is outside human experience. It exists whether we do or not; it is everything and we are only a part of it. The generality of humans are not wired to understand Reality, yet. Those who do are said by scientists (Sinetar, Burke, Martin etc) to be further evolved, perhaps a different species.The ancient wisdom schools say the whole human race is evolving into pure spirit, ie. Reality. Body, brain and mind will be discarded like appendixes …

So far as Seekers are concerned, they are probably those folk described in the Christian bible as “thirsting after righteousness”, ie. Reality. There again though, no one knows why they get this thirst and others don’t.

It’s as if humans are being harvested, or developed, certainly nurtered.

Keith. Mystic


REALITY ADJUSTMENT, a learning tale …

Reality was puzzled. Throughout time individual humans were chosen to be given the Knowledge, then in their stunned joy always ran out and tried to prosleytize it, evangelise it. As a consequence, most humans became destroyed, by the reigning religions and taboos,  directed away from their reason for being, distracted into just being human. The seed seemed not to take. Reality knew this was because only Reality chooses who gets the Knowledge. Only Reality.  Continue reading “REALITY ADJUSTMENT, a learning tale …”


The experience of Reality teaches that the wishful thinking of the phrases,  “I believe” , along with “I have faith in” or “in the hope”, indicates we don’t know,  that we are in expectation, but don’t really know what is true; we don’t know Reality.

We haven’t got there yet because we’re still seeking our own, human objectives instead of letting go of our egos to let Reality show where we fit into Its purpose.

This is not “religious” truth. This meaning is from far beyond religions or notions of spirituality, our heavens and hells, gods, goddesses, dreams, nightmares even “God”.

The phenomenon of humanity’s actual historical experience of Reality is now being studied by the religious and formerly religious of both sexes, by scholars and academicians, theologians and atheists all over the world, in monasteries, universities and wherever the experience of Reality strikes.

Our experience of Reality is changing. Our language to describe It will have to keep up, it will have to be real from now on.