The Path of the Mystic: The Gospel Of John — Seeking Spirituality

If one were to ask for a list of the most influential and sacred scriptures regarding the Divine and its self-realization by mankind, I’m sure a number of different responses would be offered. But I am also sure that three sacred texts from three different world religions would be at the top of that list; […]

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Choose your Own Adventure


More and more every day modern science is coming to terms with what on the outset was an uncomfortable reality. That is that the observer (you and I) play not just an important role in reality or in our universal experience but actually that we are the deciding factor at the centre of it all. I think for the most part modern science has tried to stay an arm’s length away from any of the organised or generally accepted world religions and this is not necessarily a bad thing, while many of the world’s religions seem hellbent on destroying each other and have become so inflexible because of dogma. There is, however, one notable exception the Buddha Dharma. The Buddha Dharma is without a doubt the most peaceful, humanistic, and scientific of all organised religions. Please note that I personally do not subscribe to the fact that Buddhism is a religion, and…

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