Throughout history some people have experienced a Reality of existence utterly different to that commonly experienced by humans. This experience is documented and is much the same whether it was experienced thousands of years ago or yesterday. It has come to humans who had no written language as well as those who had, the educated and the uneducated, the sophisticated or the unsophisticated, rich or poor, powerful or weak. There seems to be no human qualification to have the experience. It can come entirely new to the person concerned, and be unknown and unexpected.

Basically it asserts that:

All is well, whether this is understood or not;

Everything that exists now has existed and will exist forever, in different forms;

Everything that exists, including individual humans, belongs in its essential elements and cannot be expunged.

This everlasting Experience is pure engulfing joy in an all pervasive sense that cannot be fully described in human terms.

The Experience brings growing, lasting knowledge of all existence, wisdom and discernment.

The incidents are fleeting.

When they leave, they leave those experiencing it with a profound sense of loss.

Reality is constant. You can trust it, it is the one steady, changing, changeless thing in existence, then, now and forever – benign, accepting, reassuring, strengthening, caring, comforting, experiential, teaching understanding (as opposed to learning), joyful. It never lets you down. Is being human a distraction or a learning process, an experiment even? Are we wired to know, yet?

The lives of the humans who experience this are then increasingly divided by an inner spiritual life and an outward human life that now seems to be a dead end. Only the Experience exists for ever.

Having had this Experience several times a year from the age of 15 to 35, the author feels a need to present this phenomenon to a wider audience than the private schools, academics, physicists, theologians, intellectuals and religions that have come across it and either kept it to themselves or have attempted to suppress its examination. There is much bafflement and confusion.

Some Sufis say the Experience is an extension of Darwinism, bringing matter into spirit, our true existence.

University scientists acknowlege the phenomema and suggest the experiences could be psychotic episodes.

Some of the literature can get itself rabidly inconclusive, but deeper digging produces much light and personal understanding if not the actual experience.

The intention here is to go as deeply as possible with you into examining this subject, providing complete references, good or bad, whatever their source. Your participation, challenge and validation or even reasoned rejection is warmly invited, wherever you stand on the learning curve of this seminal phenomenon.

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  1. My verbal complaint about nearly all the religions commonly practiced is
    “Your God is too Small.”

    The God that interests me is a Universe
    maker, predating creation, experimenting
    with an infinite number of creations over
    infinite time. That sort of God has little or no interest
    in helping me with my trivial issues, but if we connect
    with the VAST and TIMELESS, the issues dissolve.

    Barbara, university educated with three degrees, world traveller, married, in an email to Chotaharti. Published with Barbara’s permission.


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