The subject of extra-Real experiences is a mystifying one, but one I have discovered is being widely studied in the universities; more of which later as I delve into that world in later posts.

“Mysticism appears to make the church and institutional religions unecessary.” Harold O.J.Brown, Catholic scholar.

Why this Experience hasn’t got into the public domain yet could be because no one wants to be one of the small group of firsts to point out the religious Emperors don’t have any clothes on … one implication of the Experience is, after all, that religions will become extinct. We don’t need them to teach us morality or ethics, which in the absence of real spiritual content is all religions have to offer. So which religion would be the last to go extinct once the documented existence of the Experience is widely known and has by then become a common part of the speculation that surrounds human existence?

“… it is individual existence which reveals the divine to us, not theology.” Douglas Lockhart – see post above.

Chota Harti

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