We can supply the books free of charge as payment for your review of them. To start with we would like to see Dr. Marsha Sinetar’s books reviewed. And Karen Armstrong’s. Douglas Gulfinnan Lockhart has books on and around the Blog’s subject, too. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS by Dr. Bucke needs a modern reading. You can suggest others.

The more scientifically or experientially disciplined the reviewed books, studies and commentaries are the better. Every author assertion or conclusion must be backed by references and where they aren’t, or are unsatisfactory, must be exposed in your review.

Suspicious words include, religion, soteriology, doctrine, eschatology, evangelism, Christian-gnosis, Judaic-gnosis and suchlike linkages, as well as proselytising, and faith, hope and belief.

We do like words such as mystical insight, human destiny, knowledge, and insight. Only a PhD., MA., or Experiencer will be allowed to get away with the word intuition. Even then the usage will be subject to dire scrutiny …

The Experience is challenging to the human condition and to the personal lives of the Experiencers, so the aim is to keep the subject as pure as possible, without extraneous, that is, human, ie: mental, emotional distractions of the times.

Experience in writing reviews will be a big asset, especially if you hold a university professorship in a department of philosophy that includes a wide contextual study of the subject, and/or departments including physics and psychology with similar interests in the Experience.

If you’re interested, pass this request on to your friends, and please leave a comment here with your email spelled out, ie: JonSmithatGoogledotcom so as to avoid spamming bots. Or use the CONTACT box in the top right corner of the Blog. Thank you.


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