The  mystical experience of Reality, a phenomenon that has happened to certain people throughout history to this day, is far above religions, castes, creeds, heavens and hells, gods or “God”.

Reality is as yet unknown to most humans, at least for the time being, but the tradition is that there are no failures and everyone will eventually know Reality.

What is consistently reported by the Experiencers, is that Reality is benign and loving, though not in the sense of human love that is lustful, greedy, angry, attached and ego driven. Reality is caring, guiding, strengthening, guarding, non judgemental, totally itself, always the same, reliable; now, then and forever. It has its own agenda of which humanity is just a part.

It cannot be evangelized or proselytised. It permeates everything, including us. It has no name. It just is, and we are that.


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