THE HUMAN SPIRIT VERSUS REALITY by Keith Hancock, mystic, contemplative and quietist.

There is the human spirit which is concerned with humans only.

That is the spirit that is served by religions, that is concerned with the “betterment” of the human individual and the human race.

It is predominantly concerned with human morality and ethics. This human spirit is commonly identified as, the “Holy Spirit”, or “God”.

Compared to the Real Spirit, it is very limited. The God of the religions is very small compared to the Real Spirit, the one that includes everything known and unknown to mankind.

This Spirit is not exclusively directed at human affairs.

It is identified as the Mystical Experience of Reality. MER is the existence experienced by mystics throughout human history.

For some reason not known to science or mankind generally, MER, though experienced to this day, is unbidden, experienced suddenly, spontaneously.

It infuses people who experience it with the following realities:

  • an irrefutable sense of oneness with everything that exists, known or unknown; whatever exists IS the experiencer, from the beginning to the end of all existence, who cannot be distinguished one from the other, or ever extinguished.
  • the need for redemption does not exist. (Redemption is a man made word with no significance in Reality. The same applies to the human made up words, “rejection” and “failure” – there are no such things in Reality).
  • a total infusion of intense joy and contentment;
  • an understanding of all things;
  • a complete loss of human identification;
  • an acute, desperate sense of loss as the Experience ends;
  • the Experience can happen to the same individual many times a year for many years, or just once;
  • it only comes to individuals, not “isms” and religions, political movements, governments, specific ethnic groups, philosophies, communal or totalitarian instincts – just to individuals.
  • the method of communication is by infusion rather than any language, logic or reasoning.
  • the feeling that all existence, Reality, is benign

The Experience is not something that can be induced by human volition.

It exists outside human experience. Though humans are a part of this Reality they have little or no effect on it, it is entirely of itself.

You can say every human has his or her view of human reality, but no human, individual or collective, can say they have their own exclusive sense of this Reality, which is completely independent and accessible only when it chooses to be so to its own choice of individual humans.

For these reasons this Web page is not concerned with some people’s need to be better human beings.

Human history is trying to take care of that, and for those who experience MER it is axiomatic, automatic, that they will develop an even stronger sense of morality and ethics, a stronger sense that “all is well” than they ever had before …

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