In his widely commented on new blog essay this week, “Resisting Conformity”, Robert Ringer* got the following comment from me that brought a response from him and another from one of his followers:

Keith: “You say scientists say man is the most powerful force in the universe then you say mankind realises it’s helpless against the forces of nature.

“Since the sixties scientists all over the world have begun to acknowledge the evidence of the Mystical Experience of Reality. This MER shows there is nothing bigger nor more powerful than even a fraction of what is known of Reality.

“Some are suggesting there is no evidence that the human race has any superior significance in this Reality.”

RR replied: “That’s right, many scientists believe that human intelligence is the most powerful force in the universe. However, I did not say that I believe it.

“It’s a very debatable subject – far too complex to get into a blog post. But if it’s true, it would not be a contradiction to point out that man is helpless against the forces of nature. Something can be the most powerful, but not necessarily omnipotent.”

“Stogiechomper” also replied: “I have had the mystical experience three times in my youth, and the human advantage is that he is able to experience it, while lower life forms are not.”

Keith: “I can’t disagree with you about “lower lifeforms” not being able to experience MER because I have no human or mystical experience of that, either way.

“From my own MER’s though I would be very surprised if there are any exceptions. Everything is, and we are that, in my MER experiences.”

“Stogie” also said: “. . .the experience taught me the opposite of what you say,, I.e., that my existence is as significant as the largest sun.”

Keith: “The word ‘significant’ is a word only found in humans, not in the existence of Reality, where all things are significant so there is no use in exceptionalising. Here, while we’re still humans the word will have significance of course.”

“Stogie”: “Far from looking for “superior significance,” however, the mystical experience is a realization of the interconnectedness of all things, a feeling of oneness with the universe.”

Keith: “Wholeheartedly agree, that’s my MER too …

“I’m delighted to know of your existence. I kept my MER’s to myself for about 65 years. Since starting I’ve come to realise there are many more of us than I thought.”

robert-ringer-2* Robert Ringer is an American icon known for his worldly wit and wisdom. He has a large following and is a well reviewed best selling author and lecturer with many appearances on press, radio and television. He is the Publisher of a successful international blog, – “Where Philosophy, Wisdom, Reality and Action Come Together.”

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