“What are some areas in your life where you are too much focused on the end result rather than on the process? If you can’t find enjoyment and meaning in the path itself, is it possible that this path is not for you?“

— Happy growing, Giovanni Dienstmann


  1. Yes, me too Stoic. Reality is everyone’s; not for sale.

    While he does make some arresting observations, where their authentification comes from seems doubtful as there’s nothing I recall from his web sight that suggests he’s had the MER experience.

    Has he slipped into the darkness with his insistence on helping humans be better humans – into comparatively shallow, modern, body/mind directed shamanism?

    (Is it true that wherever the spirituality of Reality is discussed, there in the midst is the Devil)?

    Nevertheless his current observation I’ve quoted here will resonate with some God bothering ditherers. Or should.


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