On the matter of quietism, what I know is that nothing a mystic does is a “practice” if my experiences are anything to go by. 

I was infused with quietism spontaneously in the same way mystcism infused and enveloped me. Quietism is not a sought after deliberate discipline or “practice”.

Could quietism be what some Christians call one of the many “fruits of the Spirit”? Is it a step upwards. Is it to help maintain the balance mystics require whilst being partly human?

I was similarly infused with the ability to ‘small talk’ in human company in my early 40’s. That brought much peace, ease and comfort to the separating tumult of my inner calling without admitting to my experiences. Was that a ‘fruit’ too?

Religions stunt any hope of experiencing spirituaity by decrying it because they have filled their collective minds with the disciplines and dogmas of such things as human mythomanias, good works, morality, ethics, emotionalism, mindstuff, and collectivism in lieu of the first hand experience their founders probably had of the Mystical Experience of Reality, (MER).

Science still isolates itself from truth with insistence on pedestrian logic and reason as if we’re still in the witch dunking, rumour and gossip,  stake burning days from which science brought about our escape. Now Science languishes in the dead-end insistence on the primary relevance of matter. A hard question indeed.

So, if you’re a Seeker with strong impulses and intuitions about quietism, congratulations. Its happening to yiu whether you know it or not, like it or not. Don’t fidget at it, relax, embrace it. Wonder at it. You can’t do anything about it. No need for ‘practice’ for you. Resistance really is futile in your case!

If you’re a mystic I’m gratified you’ve bothered to read this far. Humble greetings, and thank you.

If you are a ‘Muggle’, don’t fret either. You are where you’re supposed to be. You are known. You are progessing. Change is always changing, however imperceptibly, like it or not. All is well.

Mysticexperiences.net  April 2020


  1. I suppose, you know, it depends what we mean by “practice”. I have also been thinking a bit about “artifice”. I think the reality is I don’t “practice” very much at all. I certainly have no attachment to a god or any particular creed or cult or train of thought. I don’t practice any good works and I despair of politics and find it distasteful, pointless and irrelevant. So I think to a large extent my “practice” (if it could be called such) largely consists in the sort of things I was talking about in “A Road Less Traveled” yesterday. Sitting and letting “stuff” simply flow over and around me. Felling part of the weave but not doing very much about that. I certainly have no agenda, no particular goal, no burning desire to achieve anything very much other than feel or sense some sort of gnosis. As to art and music, what they do for me is to increase my absorption in the weave of the rug. Particularly music. Not in any academic sense but in a sensual sense. Same with art – seeing the enormity of the London Mustaba just sort of shifted my consciousness a bit. As for “quietism” I guess its just the way I am – and always have been. I’m not sure I have ever practiced it as such. Except to the extent of withdrawing from the world – from corporate law and investment banking, from contact with tedious commerce and busy-ness in general. I don’t know if this makes any sense to you – random jottings on my part I guess.


    1. The only practice you seem to have have, Anthony, is the only one I think you will ever get. In human terms you could say, ruefully perhaps but not ungratefully, it was ‘foisted’ on you. It is the “hunger and thirst after righteousness” syndrome that comes with the human experience it seems, unobserved in most. Worse, there’s nothing you can do about it except observe it, which is already happening to you by the looks of it. I do hope yiu’ll allow it to take over withiut disturbing your self. Most people never reach this awareness. Ironically they are carried by it all their lives anyway. There are no losers …

      This is the only overt or otherwise ‘practice’ of realised Seekers and mystics.

      Very best wishes,


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  2. As for science, I refuse to listen to pure materialists. But there are many who perceive deeper things in science – particularly as regards what on earth the forces of nature, the physical laws, actually are. Einstein was one such – a mystic even. In a sense even Dawkins sees a magic, a mystery despite his attacks on “woo”. And of course the Buddhists have always been apt to accept what is, rather than push some nutty agenda. Well, the better and more sensible class of Buddhist anyway. I do think there are various aspects of scientific thought which are helpful to contemplation. Panpsychism for one. And take string theory – while I don’t begin to understand the math, the idea that everything which exists is at heart a vibration, mere pulsing energy, I find very apt.

    Again, these days my attitude to science is to absorb ideas which I find beautiful and consistent with the way that I at least feel about reality. No agenda, no deep study, no real beliefs. Just a washing over, a feeling and absorption. Again, I don;t know if that makes sense to anyone other than the strange individual at this end!

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