The word ‘ecstacy’ has been used to dismiss the mystic experience of reality, MER, as merely human.

If my multiple, spontaneous experiences of  MER are anything to go by, the word ‘ecstacy’ is the wrong word to describe the kind of joy that comes with MER.

Ecstacy implies excitement. On the contrary, my MERs were calm, joyful infusions of becoming myself, of all things being me as my body and mind disappeared and only a bodiless observer left – nothing remaining of my humanity whatsoever.

I was more profoundly where I belong than human experience can ever fully explain.

And even that doesn’t describe the joy of the revelation and transformation MER brings.

All Is Well.

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  1. Keith, this might be the best description of MER that I have read:

    “It is a condition of consciousness in which feelings are fused, ideas melt into one another, boundaries are broken, and ordinary distinctions transcended. Past and present fade away into a sense of timeless being. Consciousness and being are not different from each other. In this fullness of felt life and freedom, the distinction of the knower and known disappears. The privacy of the individual self is broken into and invaded by a universal self which the individual feels as his own. The experience itself is felt to be sufficient and complete. It does not come in fragmentary or truncated form demanding completion by something else. It does not look beyond itself for meaning or validity.”

    An Idealist View of Life, by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
    He was the President of India 1962–67, Vice President 1952–62 and a Professor at Oxford University 1936–52. In 1962, I was introduced to Dr. Radhakrishnan by John Kenneth Galbraith, then the U.S. Ambassador to India.


  2. Very comprehensive description Ron, perceptively accurate in its detailed analysis. Thank you.


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