I was watching a couple of scientists talking about matter and reality when I realised they only knew of matter and were trying to reconcile it with what they call metaphysics and we call mysticism.

It also confirmed to me that matter is the limit of scientific investigation, the abyss between scientific experiment and mystic experience.

Science can’t investigate Reality as a scientific endeavour. Individual scientists can, but only as individuals independent of human attachments, and then only when called by Reality, not by any efforts of their own, (so far as my own mystic experiences tell me).

As the human race evolves into Reality, will science as it is now become extinct, eventually disappear into becoming a technical trade applying its discoveries in matter to all manner of human needs and wants like health diagnosis and repair, medicines, electronics, education, transport, building, recycling, renewing, feeding and so on?

The mystic experience of Reality, MER, produces mystics who know matter is merely a primitive form of existence in Reality. They know Reality is drawing everything, including us, into Itself, where body and brain don’t need to exist, in a reality of ineffable joy and belonging.

All Is Well.

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