The Greatest Achievement in Life: Five Traditions of Mysticism and Mystical Approaches to Life – a review of the book.

Ron, who has three degrees in philosophy is a long time follower of this blog. He has meticulously updated his ebook with a professional publishing team. The ebook had 70,000 downloads. Now it is a five star paperback on Amazon, available in book stores everywhere.

It is a seminal book on mysticism, a comprehensive first hand explanation of all we currently know about the phenomenon of this exclusive mystical experience of cosmic Reality from humanity’s earliest history.

It is based on personal interviews with leading world wide figures who have actually had the mystic experience.

The main effect of this important work will be on those who have had the mystical experience, and genuine seekers who are helplessly called by Reality, as well as the academics and scientists around the world who since the 70’s have been studying the subject and publishing with growing intensity.

Mystics and seekers in particular will feel the passionate power of Reality’s inexplicable but undeniable presence in this book.

For its fullest personal effect this is one of those rare books to be approached respectfully without ego, hubris or attachments. Words and phrases of personal confirmation and reassurance will spring out at you, after which nothing will be the same.

“The Greatest Achievement in Life” qualifies as a personal book to be taken with you wherever you are for those quiet moments when Reality shows It knows you, accepts you, guards you, guides you, asks for nothing – has been with you forever and will be with you long after humanity’s extinction.

All Is Well.

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