Results of working with divine guidance: a paradigm shift

Spiritual Awakening

When one works with divine guidance, where does this lead to?

There are several topics that can be mentioned. And one of them is a shift in worldview.

Nothing actually changed when people started thinking that the Earth is round and not flat or that the Earth moves around the Sun (instead of the Sun moving around the Earth). In daily life, the streets and fields looked as flat as before. And the Sun still rose in the East each morning and went down in the West each evening. It was just a change in the worldview in people’s minds.

And yet it had large consequences because the way was paved for more scientific discoveries.

When working with divine guidance, there is a similar shift in worldview in store for us. Namely, that consciousness does not originate from the neurons of the brain, but that it is prior to everything…

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  1. Yes, I’m following her Blog now, though I’m doubtful about the impure clutter of phenomena she introduces in this article – ie. dreams, near death experiences, alien abduction etc. Sufis would wince at these too I think. They are distractions, human mind stuff.

    But Karin’s news that some scientists are now demolishing the fallacy that the brain invents Reality/Consciousness, is very welcome.

    My MERs have lead me to say for a long time that the brain is simply a receiver of Reality/Consciousness not it’s creator.

    Best, Keith.


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