Reblogged from absolutespiritdotco

I have meditated in various ways. Some of these ways were from reading, others directly from spiritual masters, even for three hours at a time over one period. But I never experienced any observable use or benefit.

I put this down to the fact I had already experienced absolute Reality several times a year from the age of about 15 years to 35 years of age. Achievement of meditation’s spiritual purpose had been thrust upon me spontaneously without me having any apparent qualification, previous knowledge or preparation.

However, absolutespiritdotco’s approach to the discipline, as reblogged below, impresses me with its evidence of in-depth experience and integrity that matches my experiences and the continuous lessons I have been given ever since:

“Meditate without clinging to methods or shapes.

“If you concentrate enough on meditation, the flow of time will disappear, the direction will disappear, the unnecessary sound will disappear, and the moment will come when you become one with everything. That’ll be when you’re in complete silence. Just then you’ll realize that you’re in a vast universe and only live for that moment without any thoughts or expectations.

“In order to live in such a state, we need to be able to meditate naturally like breathing, but don’t cling to a particular state or a particular method of meditation. Even if you try to achieve it in a particular way, only your mind (ego-self) will prevail and you will never acquire natural meditation. It’s important for us to keep connecting with the essence, and observe oneself without any judgment.

“It’s always about making a habit of the deep self-inquiry. That alone can improve concentration and it will make it easier to meditate naturally. Keep practicing so that you can do it unintentionally.


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