Can spiritual wholeness be achieved while still wholly human? The enlightenment that is at the heart of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, for instance, would say NO.

Without the transformative experience of Reality there is no wholeness. Reality is the only wholeness. We are that. That is all there is.

Does this NO explain why humans exhibit such neuroticism – why their mere human reach is exceeded by Reality, so leaving them uneasy, unfulfilled, disatisfied, frustrated, prone to the comforts of mythomanias and false ‘spirituality’ that only work on a mental, emotional level and deliver nothing real and lasting?

The spiritual life is not about being a good human. Being a good human is a by-product of the experience of Reality. But being a good human being is not the wholeness of Reality. Reality is not limited.


    1. Hola Johan! Either I didn’t look in the right place or Word Press didn’t publish your Comment in the right placed. Are you the Johan who helped me get this web page going in La Peñita on that balcony over the pool? If so, often think of you. How’re things?



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