A lady explained to me​ that she believes it is impossible to have a total experience of Reality because we are still inside our bodies and brains, and they shape everything and are not reliably objective.

She says, “that we exist and are able to process consciousness, this universal ground of being, is a factor of having a complex structure of neurons and energy, supported by a living, evolving, eating, procreating living body, with which we can learn to explore that ground of being.

“Do all our experiences of a transcendent reality occur while we occupy our body and brain?” she asks. “A​nd just because from their point of view we sense an eternal reality there is absolutely no evidence to support the conviction that without body or brain we will have any experience at all. To assume that we will be conscious of our oneness with all-pervasive eternity, just because we’ve had hints of that while in this body-mind is perhaps a bit grandiose.”

Is she saying if we close our eyes there’s nothing there, that when we die Creation dies too because there’s nothing left by which Creation can be experienced, that Creation cannot be experienced except by humans?​

My experiences showed me that it is not we who realize Creation, it’s Creation that realizes us. It has its own terms, independent of any language, brains, minds, or physical attributes of mere mortals. Nothing in our make up is wired to
understand Creation.

Creation has its own “language” and methods. Creation, perhaps automatically, reaches out for the particles of creation that become ready. It harvests us perhaps? We have no say in the matter. ​ We are awakened coincidentally to the state of human illusion as a part of the process of Creation and move on past our humanness. In my view, there’s not much to be gained by studying humans. At a certain level they’re a clutter, a distraction.

The body and brain are irrelevant to Reality, see below. Experiencers of Reality don’t feel grandiose, far from it – see Dr Sinetar’s book, ORDINARY PEOPLE AS MYSTICS AND MONKS, for examples. Anyway, grandiose is a human word that has no relevance to Reality, where there are no names.

Nothing of the Experience has anything to do with body or mind. The body is physically left behind or was in my experiences. The brain and what we call mind do not function in the Experience, not at least in any way we can register or would even contemplate registering at the time, even if given the opportunity.

Everything Experienced just is and we are that. When humans die the first thing to go is the brain, then body and mind. Does that suggest just how significant they are to Reality?

(Some traditions say the brain survives and continues into Reality. This was not my experience. I was everything and everything was me, mind was irrelevant. But Dr. Stephen Hawkings is the man to check on the latest thinking on mind. Perhaps his examination of matter can shine more light on it?

(On the other hand the film director David Lynch said the following in a New Statesman magazine in 2013. He’s a great Transcendental Meditation man and claims TM can take you into Reality.

(“About 35 years ago modern science, quantum physics, discovered the Unified Field at the base of all the forces of creation. This is a field of nothing, but the scientists say that out of this nothing emerges everything that is a thing. This Unified Field is unmanifest yet all manifestation comes from this field.”

(No suggestion of human mind there…

(A scientist is currently asking on Google for Experiencers to volunteer for brain experiments. I presume he thinks the Experience can be induced at will. That is not my experience. My experiences were spontaneous, nothing to do with me that I know of …).

Reality is in charge. It would be human grandiosity to suggest otherwise. We have all we need, what do we want?

For what it’s worth, my experience of Reality has made me anxious to get out of this human experience so as to get on with the rest of Reality. In the meantime I am trusting and content. As Socrates suggested, I can endure. All is well.



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  1. The Spiritual Forum in Linkindin is having a lively discussion about this posting. My last reply will give its gist:

    Jivasu said :Are body and mind not the part of One Reality. If they are not then of which other Reality forms them.

    Reply: Everything, known and unknown to humans, is part of One Reality. Nothing is that is not One Reality. One Reality is everything and everything in it in all its parts is still part of One Reality. This is in my Experiences.

    The posting, CREATION DIES WHEN HUMANITY DIES? was a refutation of the idea that One Reality only exists because humans experience it … One Reality does not rely on the existence within itself of humanity. We do not know what part humanity plays in the Ultimate Reality. It has been suggested humanity is in fact an experiment, perhaps even a failing one. The only reason we know of this Reality is because it makes itself known to some humans for reasons as yet unknown. We cannot make Reality known to us by our own efforts. My experiences were spontaneous. Reality is in charge, and all is well. As for the suggestion Ultimate Reality gives any attention or weight to human “fashion”, this cannot come from any authentic Experience of Reality. Humans are not at the centre of Existence. We’re simply not wired to know all of Ultimate Reality yet.


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