“RELIGIONS, VALUES, and PEAK EXPERIENCES” by Abraham Maslow – Reviewer needed.

Here is the Contents list of Maslow’s fascinating book.  It could do with a contemporary review. Anyone up to it? If so, I can send them a pdf file.  Please click COMMENT to let me know. Thank you – Keith Hancock.

Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences 1964 by Kappa Delta Pi and 1970 (preface) The Viking Press. Published by Penguin Books Limited ISBN 0 14 00.4262 PDF version by: D33k0n57r0k7’d 


Editorial Introduction and Preface I.

Introduction II.

Dichotomized Science and Dichotomized Religion III.

The “Core-Religious” or “Transcendent” Experience IV.

Organizational Dangers to Transcendent Experiences V.

Hope, Skepticism, and Man’s Higher Nature VI.

Science and the Religious Liberals and Non-Theists VII.

Value-Free Education? VIII. Conclusions

APPENDIXES: A.   Religious Aspects of Peak Experiences B.

The Third Psychology C.

Ethnocentric Phrasings of Peak-Experiences D.

What is the Validity of Knowledge Gained in Peak-Experiences? E.

Preface to “New Knowledge in Human Values” F.

Rhapsodic, Isomorphic Communications G.

B-Values as Descriptions of Perception in Peak-Experiences H.

Naturalistic Reasons for Preferring Growth-Values Over Regression-Values Under Good Conditions I.

An Example of B-Analysis Bibliography



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