SCIENCE CONFIRMING MYSTICISM? Professor Harry Hunt says so.

Professor Harry Hunt of the Psychology Department of Brock University, Canada, suggests in a paper called, “The Truth Value in Mystical Experience”, pub. Journal of Consciousness, that what the mystics know by what he calls “intuition” physicists have to calculate …

His ($27.68 plus tax) paper identifies “truth values” from the mystical experience, such as “intuition/epiphany, pragmatism, coherence and correspondence”. He notes ‘coherence’ or ‘representation’ as the definition of the core of modern science.

He also records the mystical experiences of “gratitude”, “compassion”, “faith”, and “inner freedom”

He says modern science and mysticism “may have much in common” and “may eventually allow a contemporary reformulation of the macrocoscm-microcosm unities basic to traditional cultures”.

I think this heavily academically guarded, not to say defensive sentence might mean the Professor thinks science and mysticism might have a lot in common. This is not news to traditional mysticism but we must not forget what other scientists have already suggested, that while science is inside trying to look out, mystics have been experiencing outside for millennia …

” … advanced mystics and cosmological physicists seem to be describing similar things ..” Douglas G. Lockhart, pp.172 , FIRE IN THE MIND, Vol.1 of  3.

Keith Hancock.

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