“DISSOLVING” religions?

“The Jungian psychologist Erich Neumann observes that mysticism tends to dissolve the traditional forms of religion and worship, and the writings of Bernadette Roberts confirm this point.” – Going Beyond the Jesus Story by Douglas Lockhart. (Bernadette Roberts is a former nun, author of “The Experience of No-Self” and other such books about the Experience of Reality, which she has experienced perhaps more deeply than anyone alive today). Every Seeker should be aware of the work of these authors. Lockhart is an Honorary Research Associate with the University of Tasmania’s School of Philosophy.

“In general, our contemplative maps of the journey come to an end with the discovery of the true self and it’s oneness with the divine.” Bernadette Roberts, ‘WHAT IS SELF? A Study of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness’, pub. Www.sentientpublications.com

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