The word “God” has lost a lot if not all its meaning with the growing abandonment of religions. Religions stretch credulity to unacceptable levels with their insistence on “belief”, “faith and “hope”, each of which means the people who use such words simply don’t know.

Since the scholars and scientists of the world have from the 60’s, I’m told, accepted the existence of the phenomenon of the Mystical Experience of Reality, new names have arisen for what we used to be told to call “God”.

MER  is an historically consistent, spontaneous experience of a Reality far beyond the experience of mankind that apparently comes to people who from a human point of view have absolutely no qualifications to receive such revelations.

Of all the names the physicists are giving this extraordinary introduction of perhaps evolutionary change to the human condition, the new name, “Consciousness” seems to be gaining respectable ground. Whatever we call It, it’s changing everything.

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