REALITY ADJUSTMENT, a learning tale …

Reality was puzzled. Throughout time individual humans were chosen to be given the Knowledge, then in their stunned joy always ran out and tried to prosleytize it, evangelise it. As a consequence, most humans became destroyed, by the reigning religions and taboos,  directed away from their reason for being, distracted into just being human. The seed seemed not to take. Reality knew this was because only Reality chooses who gets the Knowledge. Only Reality. 

Those who are chosen are always individuals, not idealogies or countries, social or political groups, communities, or religions. Only individuals. They come from all races and climates and from before, during and after human history. None of those who were so graced ever showed any recognisably consistent qualification such as education, culture, nationality, nobility, kindness, historic period, spiritual sensitivity, kindness or charity. Those that were thought religious were, but only in the sense they had to be or suffer from society. Secretly, they knew better. Reality is not interested in the human condition. It is interested in what is lodged with each individual human being – the soul, for want of a better word.. This soul thing contains the unawakened elements of Reality.

It is this soul thing Reality seeks, nothing else. When the soul matures it departs. The human host is discarded.

This was the pattern. But now one man who had received the Knowledge did not proselytise and evangelise or try beyond very primary attempts to explain what he had experienced. Even then he stopped, defeated. The Knowledge is only communicated spontaneously, by Reality, without human help. So he became lonely, felt marooned, he wilted. He was lucky humans didn’t torture him to death.

Reality saw this and applied a correction. It gifted  the man with the grace of contemplation. So he became a Contemplative.

The seconds of his life thereafter were concentrated on what he had been shown and told. At first this made the man even lonelier, anxious about his purpose in life. Soon however, his focus into the Bliss strengthened. He reveled in his aloneness, in the joy of belonging to all things, then, now and forever, and was content. He had been given all he needed and wanted nothing. He and Reality were satisfied.

May 2012

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