Silence is the experience of nothingness while still being human. That’s what people who have had the Mystical Experience of Reality (M.E.R.) bring us from that experience. But in that Reality, where all things are perfect, there are no names. Everything just is.

Gerard Benerink, Coordinator  Europe, Academy of Avaita, replied: “If silence is the experience of nothingness, then the experience cannot be brought to others by those who have experienced the nothingness, because the nothingness will not have any words (names) within it to describe nothingness.

“Silence is the experience that cannot be described. Only quietness can be experienced, which is misunderstood to be silence. The human has evolved to hear sound and not silence. The human will evolve to experience silence and also evolve to understand that silence or nothingness cannot be described.”

Keith replied: Yes Gerard, the silence of Reality can’t be passed on or sought out. Reality seems to choose who is ready for the Experience, using criteria we don’t appear to be wired to understand, yet.

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