By Keith Hancock, mystic, contemplative and quietest.


Jesus did not leave any spiritual teachings.

If what Jesus is purported to have said about the Mystical Experience of Reality  is true, he had the Experience himself and was a true mystic. Where he went wrong is in trying to evangelize the phenomenon

It can’t be done. The MER is taught, not caught. The experience is spontaneous. It comes to humans who have no recognizable human attributes to qualify them for it.

So his reported promise to his future disciples that he would make them “fishers of men” was not fulfillable. However sincere, he was sincerely wrong.

Jesus’s hubris killed him, as it has others who have challenged human ideologies or religious dogmas of their day.

The only teachings Jesus left were moral, ethical teachings for the human spirit and they, by definition, are not spiritual. By trying to teach the unteachable, his mission failed. The evidence lies all around us.

But all is not lost. The mystic experience is that we are much loved, far beyond any human knowledge or experience of love. Human love is a mere shadow of the real thing.  The power of the real thing dissolves and redeems.

The human body and brain will be discarded when no longer necessary. We are accepted. We are in development, guarded, guided, and strengthened. There are no failures.

Finally, take a mystic’s words and test them in your profoundest self. A  mystic’s words are not enough, not the way. What a mystic knows was given to that mystic alone. So it will be with you and will be enough, will fulfil you, now and forever.



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