Much of the uses of the word “spiritual” are not about the real spirit that permeates all existence, human or otherwise. The use of “spiritual” is only about the human spirit; emotion, imagination, hope, faith and belief, morality, ethics and mythomanic theology. All this is mind-stuff, superficial, ephemeral and not spiritual in the fullest sense.

This common use of the word implies the Spirit of Reality exists solely for mankind when it is far beyond any human to even imagine.

Spirituality is not about being better humans, though being a better human is a by-product of the Real thing, and is automatic, axiomatic.

Real spirituality is far above these false gods, even” God”. Real spirituality lies in the Experience of the Reality in which all things, even humans,  live and have their being, as even some of the religions have repeated from their founders’ experience but without understanding.

True Seekers will steadfastly plough past the mind stuff of myth, dogma, falsification, magic and phenomena to the ever higher states to which true Seekers will always be drawn. All the rest, as scholars and even scientists are beginning to discover, is false.

Humans are being drawn to an understanding of the Reality mystics have already experienced.

In the meantime, the rest can pray (meditate and contemplate), read, and be patient. Writing is important too. It has been said that you cannot really know everything you’re capable of knowing until you write.

There are no failures.

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