The Mystical Experience of Reality will eventually become common knowledge. So what effect will this have on religions?

MERs reveal no manifestations of God or gods. They do however testify that the religious view of reality is built on primitive mythomanias, gullible constructs like faith, hope and belief, all of which indicate that religions’ views of real spirituality are fake.

All the churches can offer is morality and ethics purporting to be “spiritual”, gifts from a God or gods. Some defenders of religions might agree the religions are bunkum, but ask what the human race would do without morality and ethics, as if  morality and ethics are exclusive to religions.

Yet we are becoming scientifically aware through experiments with babies* that morality and ethics are ingrained in humans from birth.

So what further use is religion?

Will religion just become extinct like another superceded evolutionary phase, the “lifting of a veil”?

*Are Babies Born Good?

http://www.smithsonianmag.com Are we born with ethics? –


http://www.huffingtonpost.com › kidspirit

Are We Born Moral? by John Gray | The New York Review of Books. http://www.nybooks.com › articles › 2007/05/10

Note: These are just some of the results of a cursory check on the subject in Google.

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