hick_200x272John Hick (1922—2012)

John Hick was arguably one of the most important and influential philosophers of religion of the second half of the twentieth century.

“As a British philosopher in the anglo-analytic tradition, Hick did groundbreaking work in religious epistemology, philosophical theology, and religious pluralism.” ~ Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Hick, a prolific author of best-selling books still read at universities around the world, said he had, “… experience of a transcendental reality of some kind.”

It was “a brief but very, very vivid, unforgettable experience of transcendent meditating”.

The experience was “oneness”; “benign”, “friendly”, “wonderful”. He thought the experience was “meaning”, that the experience “is meaning.” He was against the idea of a personal God.


The above was taken from an interview with Hick about “Ultimate Reality” in the PBS TV series, “Closer To Truth”. See the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion, and his official website at Johnhick.org.uk


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