My annual multiple experiences of this mystical experience of Reality (M.E.R.) from the age of approximately late 14 to mid 30’s suggested the experience has no physical or human provenance. Beware fake mystics or mere experiencers of human phenomena or ‘miracles’.

The conclusion is that MER cannot be communicated, evangelised or proseletised, as even scientists are discovering, to their frustration.

Modern scientists are calling the gap between science and the mystical experience, the Abyss or Void. (While this suggests science might be a dead end, mystics are suggesting the experience isn’t – it’s far  from dead, it is part of the very essence of the evolutionary process, without any need of phenomena or miracles).

In fact, it seems any human attempt to access the phenomena has been made impossible by a simple firewall with an unbreakable password – that password being the actual experience itself.

So no one can conjure up the experience or bestow it on others. It comes spontaneously. It does not even commonly use language to express itself. Whatever there is to know, experiencers then know. Whoever experiences MER has no need of hope, faith, or belief because they then KNOW the Reality it reveals. There is no understanding of this method of communication known to mankind so far.

My experiences were given in a void of all human senses or attachments. The experience does not use the senses. MER is the existential essence of Reality, the very foundation of all existence. It has no physical characteristics, is indescribable but undeniable; ineffable. It can only be accessed by experiencing it, and it decides who or what can experience it.

No amount of goodness or charity, meditation, scholarly study or intellectual application, no religiosity, hope, faith or belief can qualify anyone to open up the experience to themselves or others, not to individuals, countries, political movements, ideologies, reason, logic or intuition.

As explained elsewhere in this blog, the overwhelming experience is one of complete, inextinguishable personal acceptance by the experiencer of an infinitely vast, totally encompassing benign Reality that has a gentleness nurtured by its unassailable power. It gifts to the experiencer a level and strength of feeling of infinite gratitude, humility and joy generally unknown to human experience.

Not everyone that experiences this mystical experience of Reality is called to tell about it, to become a teacher/guru or master. That includes me! Reality does its own evangelising.

All I can trust myself to tell you from my experiences of this phenomena is there is more to life than being merely human. Reality will come for you when you’re ready. There are no losers. In the meantime, beware fake mystics and teachers who preach being a better human is what it’s all about. Tell that to the dinosaurs and the 99 per cent of all creatures that have become extinct since the world began … Only Reality remains for ever.

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