Well-meaning advice of a seemingly spiritual nature is not available to ordinary humans in practice. It does not succeed because by its nature Reality is caught, not taught. Spirituality is an experience of Reality. Anything else is mere religion or speculation, not spiritual.

The ones who catch Reality are probably born already prepared to experience Reality, to succeed spiritually. They are the ones noted for their “hunger and thirst for righteousness”. This hunger and thirst is a lifelong gift, a passion.

Spiritual awakening, as opposed to the mere human improvement sought by well-meaning “spiritual” advice, is believed to be seminal, an intrinsic part of our evolution.

The experience of Reality comes to everyone eventually though not, apparently, necessarily in one lifetime.

Though spirituality is not for everyone yet, finally there are no failures.

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  1. Great Blog! ….. listening to ourselves is becoming more and more a challenge as we are bombarded with increasing distractions and way too much communication. That is on top of the fears and anxieties that humans are bedevilled with. Our ability to digest is severely challenged. To take action by as you say “listening” is the prize we should all aspire to. My husband and I both treasure the times we have sat in a church listening to a thoughtful sermon that prompts contemplation – magic moments. The religion is not at all significant here, it’s the situation.

    Anon, Southampton, UK.


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