We are NOT monetarised!

Despite the appearance of unrelated advertising subjects on our pages, mysticexperiences is NOT monetarised.

However, as per the standard agreement with WordPress, that hosts us free of charge, WordPress sells advertising space on mysticexperiences and gets ALL the income.

Now, after two years, it looks as if we have become valuable as an advertising medium. The site has grown in readership by the thousands. It is read in Canada, America, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Portugal, Rumania and Scotland and is expanding. So presumably this is what qualifies us as valuable.

However, while glad for WordPress that their investment of expert services are beginning to pay off financially, as the advertisements so far have nothing to do with mysticism we shall keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t begin to pollute our subject with more inappropriate messages.

If they do we can always say goodbye to WordPress and find another web host.

‘Just thought this might be a good time to reassure you.

Best wishes,

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