What’s in a Name? Labeling the Mystic

“What is a mystic anyway, besides an eccentric weirdo who fits in nowhere and in no place, someone who is seen by most Christians as too esoteric for the faith, and by the New Age movement as a dinosaur of a bygone era–the age of Pieces, anyone?–best left buried?….”


  1. Darcy, if you’re ever made privy to the answer to the vexing question mystics face of knowing what mystics
    are here for I hope you will post it so I can reblog it here.

    I know the scientfic world that’s studyiing the phenomenon of mysticism in unversities around the world will be more than just interested.

    The question of What Now? has vexed my existence ever since my annual mystic experiences from the age of about 15 to my late 30’s.

    Onwards and upwards!



  2. Many in Judaism say “Kabbalah is nonsense, but at least it is Jewish nonsense.” In Islam many Muslims regard Sufism as heretical and Sufis themselves as “kafir,” unbelievers.


  3. From my own experiences I am convinced if you have religion in you you are not a mystic. The very idea is an oxymoran. The proposition lacks mystical experience. Religions are man made, the mystic experience is not. The experience is not even acessible to humans on their own volition. Historically, it is imposed on some humans for reasons yet unknown; it is caught, not taught. Religions have nothing to do with it.

    Best wishes, Keith.


  4. I disagree and agree… You can be a mystic and religious, as were the best known mystics of the past. You do not, however, have to be religious or believe in God to be a mystic.


    1. Mystics of the past had no choice but to belong to the cultural religion of their times or, as many did, face torture, death, mutilation, torture, life imprisonment , confiscation of written works, bullying and harrassment, even genocide, – all of which was extended to their partners, friends and followers. This even happens today, as you mention, Ron. But religions cannot win against the mounting evidence of the reality of mystic experience, as can be seen by the dimunition not to say extinction of religions today. Reality will out.

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