Despite being told it would help circulate my book, I declined the following invitation received today, and my reply:

INVITATION: My name is Gary Cocciolillo I have a podcast called Everything Imaginable. I would love to have you as a guest. I record via Zoom with no video or we can do it over the phone. Would you be interested in being interviewed? I am booking for January. I will send you a link to schedule your interview.

“Here is a link to my podcast.

REPLY: Thank you for your invitation. I prefer keeping to emailing as that enables me to be as thorough and thoughtful about my answers and, more importantly, enables me to focus on my mystical experiences of Reality, rather than questions that are more to do with humanity.

Much of human ‘spirituality’ is only about trying to be better humans, which in my experiences is not what Reality, in which we live and breathe, is all about. It seems to me the human race is at a very primitive period of its evolution into the eventual extinction necessary to achieve its inevitable destiny. In the meantime, my experiences assure me most dramatically that, All Is Well. So I don’t see how being interviewed would suit more than just a passing curiosity in your audience …

That’s about it! That’s the summation of what I have learned so far. I was caught, not taught. I have no other qualification to have these convictions, so am loth to evangelise them except to Seekers, those as the Christian bible says “hunger and thirst” for it (Matthew 5:6). My blog and my five star book on Amazon do that to some modest extent I hope.

All best wishes,



  1. I can well understand your attitude. Even leaving aside the question of being caught off guard and happier writing than speaking. Publicity is a bit of a puzzle as far as I am concerned. While one of the objects of writing is to be read, the actual acquisition of readers seems to require the evil twins “sales and marketing”.

    Neither sales not marketing seem to sit very well with seeking.

    I have been more active on the internet reading other people’s posts recently. This has greatly increased people visiting my own site. To be honest I am not sure of my motivation – I have certainly nothing to sell as such.

    To some extent I have enjoyed reading the views of other people on art or philosophy. In another way the exercise has been intensely irritation since the vast majority of bloggers are trite and merely trying to “sell” – or at least increase readership of their usually inane product.

    On the other hand I seem to be enjoying more equanimity recently and my thoughts remain focused on mysticism and reality to a greater extent recently.

    I am not sure what I would do if asked to appear on a podcast. I would probably also decline.

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      1. … as I was saying above, before being suddenly shut off! : writing about Reality is directed to Seekers, whether for private Seekers or those compelled to the human quest for the meaning of existence through science, or scholarship.

        Any experience of Reality imbues a profound inability to ignore the indescribable but undenable spiritual gift Reality gives us to practice the highest integrity in however we communicate our experiences of that Reality.

        Often I catch the persistence of a theme for a post that appears like a “whisper in a dream” and when I sit down to write it, out it pours on its own. It amazes me. It seems already written. But by who or what? Not me, surely? I tremble and quake at the thought, sometimes even to the point where my eyes are so teared up I have to stop writing.

        Clearly, the message is not for the curiosity of the merely mundane.

        All best wishes,



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